If you like to knit or if in fact you want to be able to make your own creations with wool or any other textile material, a good option is the “crochet” which seems to be very fashionable and which we now want to explain in this post on the initiation of crochet knitting art. Part 1.


Introduction to the art of crochet knitting.


The fundamental basis of hook, as in the knit fabric, consists in performing, through movements with the hook, loops which, when closed in the form of knots, create points. Some closed points indicated to shape all kinds of creations, either to wear them as a complement, or as manuals that you can give and show. The stitches of the crochet fabric they do not close like knitting, when a piece is finished; just hang the fabric as needed. The position of the hands it relies on holding the thread or fabric in the left hand, between the thumb and forefinger or larger (whichever is more comfortable). The thread of the ball is held between the index and middle fingers, under the ring. The needle is held in the right hand, between the thumb and forefinger, resting on the elder. This can be one of the many positions of this fabric. The basic points are: Chain; double chain; last point; half point; half double crochet and double crochet.


To shape the pieces of a fabric, proceed as a knitting, increasing or decreasing. And drawings can be made. Generally, the design formed by the stitches when combined in a fabric gives rise to the name itself and as an example we can cite: Daisy stitch, knot, etc. Between the points we observe that some have a more open aspect than others, this is due to the fact that different points have intervened in their realization. the crochet fabric is considered faster than knitting, although it’s also important to note that more wire is needed than that. When choosing a needle, the appropriate diameter for the thread and “personal tension” should be used. It is not easy to find two people who knit with the same tension because it depends on certain psychic factors and spirits. This article will continue on: Introduction to the art of crochet knitting. Part 2

I leave you a video on how to start crocheting: