the macrame crafts They are very fashionable to decorate the house. Here are 10 ideas you can do for your home. Some are simpler and others more complicated, but all are worth it.

1. Macrame dream catcher

To do this you will need two metal rings that you can get at the hardware store. One will need to be larger because it will be the outer circle and the other smaller for the circle that goes inside. In the inner circle we will tie several strings of macrame and wrap until we reach the outer circle. Then we will tie several macrame strings to the bottom of the dream catcher which will be the ones that will be hung. Then we will cover the two rings and add another extra rope to hang it.

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2. Macrame hammock

A slightly more complicated but very beautiful craft is to make a hammock to hang in the garden. To do this, you will need a lot of material that you are going to use to make the macrame, and two wooden bars with holes through which we will pass the strings. The technique can be a bit complicated but the result is magnificent.

3. Macrame shade

Another craft that we can do with macrame is a lampshade. In addition to the fabric you are going to use, don’t forget to buy a ring from which the strings will start.

4. Macrame hanging planter

Another very easy craft with macrame is to make a hanging pot as you see in the photo. For your convenience, always refer to the pot of the plant.

5. Macrame tapestry

One of the trades we have seen the most this year in the home decor are macrame tapestries, like the one you see in the photo. They are very easy to make and are very beautiful for a bohemian decoration.

6. Macrame coasters

Macrame coasters are also great for the home. They are very beautiful and practical. Besides, you can make them in different colors to make them more fun. They take very little time to do.

7. Macrame hanging chair

By following the dynamics of making a hammock, we can also make this macrame hanging chair. To do it with this circular shape, you can use two hoops or hoops. Then you will tie them and shape them using macrame. Don’t worry, if you use enough rope and do the macrame well, this type of hanging chair can take a lot of weight.

8. Macrame hanging shelf

Like a hanging chair, we can also make a hanging shelf for outdoor and indoor use. To do as you see here, you just need two wooden planks with holes on the sides where the strings pass. It’s very easy to do too.

9. Macrame candle holder

Candle holders are another craft that we have also seen this year in decorating the house with macrame. To do them, just save glass jars products that you have consumed at home, such as a jar of mayonnaise for example, then cover it with macrame.

10. Macrame upholstery partitions

Finally, if you want to reuse some old stools you have at home and want to give them a different touch, instead of covering them up, use the macrame technique and see how beautiful they are.

* Photographs taken from The Furniture

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Photo gallery with macrame crafts

Here we leave you more macrame craft ideas.