11 proposals for domestic solar heaters

With these 11 proposals for domestic solar heaters We will achieve not only totally clean and renewable energy production, but also the recycling and reuse of a large number of materials that would normally end up in landfills or even in the middle of the Pacific.

Hope a solar water heater that we share here is the one you are looking for for your project.

  1. Solar home heating 1.
  2. Solar home heating 2.
  3. Solar home heating 3.
  4. Solar home heating 4.
  5. Solar home heating 5.
  6. Solar home heating 6.
  7. Domestic solar heating for swimming pools.
  8. Solar water heater.
  9. How to build a portable solar heater with copper tubes.
  10. How to make a homemade solar collector.
  11. Solar shower, the solar water heater with recycled materials that you can make yourself.

Solar home heating 1.

This is the first example of solar home heating that we published in EcoInventos. Ma Yanjun, a Chinese farmer, made his own solar heating using beer bottles and pipes, making sure his house does not run out of hot water. He says he did it for his mom, so she could shower comfortably, but it works so well that 3 people use it daily.

domestic heating

It consists of 66 glass bottles, in this case beer, which are placed on a table. These bottles are attached to each other, so that the water flows between them very slowly, so that the sun has time to heat the water.

Solar home heating 2.

With just over $ 5, lots of recycled materials and 3 hours of labor, we can build our own solar water heater. Still in the process of improvement, it currently offers us the possibility of heating small quantities of water to a decently hot temperature.


Solar home heating 3.

Retired mechanic José Alano invented a simple, inexpensive energy-saving system, a solar water heater that benefits thousands of people. The idea came from the lack of recycling collection services in his hometown of Tubarão. Refusing not to be able to recycle plastic bottles, cardboard or other waste, made him see the problem: a city full of waste.

how to make solar home heating

Solar home heating 4.

A report from the Provincial Council of Engineering of Tucumán detailed the means of creating, inexpensively and simply, this alternative energy source. Support from different entities. Building a low cost solar water heater with recycled materials is very simple and useful, especially for those who need to save money on gas from jugs or who use firewood to heat water . It is also of interest to those who support ecology, aware of the importance of the implementation of alternative energy sources, and people who enjoy manual work.

Homemade solar heating with plastic bottles

Solar home heating 5.

Graphic manual on the web Autonomy to build our own home heater, in a few simple steps.

solar water heater with soda bottles

Solar home heating 6.

solar home heating

Finally, a very well developed domestic solar radiator, more difficult to manufacture but also of a longer duration.

Domestic solar heating for swimming pools.

How to make a homemade solar water heater for your swimming pool

Today we are going to learn how to make a solar water heater for our swimming pool ourselvesFor those who have and who don’t, here are some ideas for making a home swimming pool. With this domestic solar water heater, we can heat the water of a small swimming pool easily and inexpensively.

Solar water heater.

How to create a solar water heater

Thanks to the technology developed by INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Argentina), we will be able to build a solar water heater to heat water in an economical and practical way. These designs ensure hot water for communities with limited access to energy, providing them with alternative energy sources to meet domestic needs.

This model will provide water at a temperature of 45 ° to 50 ° C. Although it is not a high efficiency heater like industrial appliances, it has a much lower cost and we can manufacture it ourselves- same, with materials that we buy in a hardware store and with common tools.

How to build a portable solar heater with copper tubes.


Making a solar water heater is a project that you can easily do on your own. This homemade solar water heater using copper coils can reach temperatures over 65 ° C. As for the materials, you need a 15 meter roll of copper tubing (which is much cheaper than the small rollers connected to each other.), standard glass and matte black paint.

How to make a homemade solar collector.

Solar shower, the solar water heater with recycled materials that you can make yourself.

Sun showers This is a project led by Ana Gimenez Ponzzoli, a 22-year-old Argentinian. It is a water heater made from recycled materials intended for low-income families who have limited access to conventional energy.