Recycled Halloween Crafts

Don’t throw away toilet paper rolls, coffee cans, glass jar lids, or cereal boxes just yet – you can reuse them to create an original Halloween decoration! Here are 14 crafts that recycle various materials in a fun and easy way:

  1. How to make scary eyes glow in the dark.
  2. Make pots painted like pumpkins. Make him love.
  3. Creatures for Halloween with toilet paper rolls.
  4. Who knew something so cute could come out of toilet paper tubes ?! Turn it into cute bats with Mollymoo.
  5. Ideas for making Halloween pumpkins with recycled items.
  6. Pumpkins with reclaimed wood – via Find the house.
  7. Recycle milk jugs into ghosts.
  8. Make bottle caps from adorable bats, pumpkins, ghosts and skull magnets with Piccadilly Charm.
  9. Make a Halloween candy container using paint cans or coffee cans with Sea Mag.
  10. Turn cans into pumpkins with Twelve or eight.
  11. Make monster cereal boxes with She knows.
  12. Make these fantastic figurines with used pill bottles! – via This heart of mine.
  13. Collect the lids of the jars to transform them into a pumpkin with HomeTalk.
  14. Turn cans into mummies with HGTV

Hope they are interesting.