How difficult it can be to keep the kitchen organized and tidy! But with these simple tips, you can make your kitchen a more pleasant and welcoming workspace, with less clutter. Here we give you 15 ways to organize the kitchen.

the kitchens are a magnet for clutter, something that can be extremely frustrating for anyone trying to prepare food. Here are some ideas on how to reduce the clutter and unwanted clutter of items in an already limited space. Please if you have more ideas feel free to share them with us in our comments section.


Here are our tips for ordering the kitchen:

1 Use hidden storage space

9 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Using Hidden Storage

Unless you use something everyday, like a coffee maker or toaster, it’s best to store small appliances in places that allow us to be out of sight and take up valuable space. on the counter, marble or kitchen table. . For example, In many homes in the past, pots that were not in use were kept inside the oven., or jars were stacked in the cupboard. We can do something similar and remove anything you don’t use except when you’re cooking for guests.

In the same way, it may be a good idea to have a display cabinet or cupboard in the dining room in which to place cups, glasses and plates as well as trays or small containers that you do not use often and that might otherwise take up space in your kitchen.

2. Get rid of the knife block


It’s not so much of a necessity as you might think. Save counter space by storing individual knives on a magnetic wall strip or in a drawer.

3. Use the walls and ceiling wisely


If your kitchen design allows it, you can hang a basket like those in fruit and vegetable stores, rather than in a traditional fruit container on the counter. Use a suction cup mount on the wall behind the sink. We can also hang recipes or books (with another suction cup hook) on the wall) and consider the possibility of placing the microwave under or on the counter.

4. Install appropriate waste containers

9-ways-to-organize-the-kitchen-install-the-garbage cans

Much of the clutter generated in the kitchen is due to not having a place to put things at all times. By keeping garbage and recycling bins close at hand (preferably under the counter), it is easier to clean and store regularly while you work.

5. Spend 10 minutes cleaning up the mess at night


“Clutter makes more clutter” as we all know, so whatever you clean up on the spot won’t make you pile up clutter. A little effort can make a big difference, both in appearance and in the mental effect of household members. Although you have cooked and after dinner you may not feel like cleaning and cleaning at all, but do so and you will see how in the long run this habit will turn into a benefit and always a tidy kitchen.

6. Clean before starting to cook

9 ways to keep the kitchen clean before cooking

Since I have very little counter space in my small kitchen, I often take a few minutes to empty the dishwasher, load the dishes, and clean up whatever is left over before I start making dinner. In this way, dirty dishes and kitchen cutlery will not take up valuable space on the counter while I work.

7. Make sure everything has its space


Talk to your family or roommates to figure out where everything belongs, not just kitchen gadgets, but also the extra items that always end up climbing in the kitchen, such as wallet, keys, purse, cell phones, or school notes. If you leave things in the kitchen when they have nothing to do with this space, it will be difficult to maintain order.

8. Reduce what you have


Fewer items in your kitchen will mean less clutter. You must have a minimum of crockery, cutlery, appliances and other tools and don’t get more than you need if you really don’t use it, because the only thing you will get is that it collects dust and takes up space that we maybe need for something else.

9. Try not to generate waste


By changing your purchasing habits and wanting to focus on producing less waste, you will automatically reduce the clutter associated resulting from the packaging of the products. Buy in bulk with reusable containers and bags.

10. Clean while you cook

Clean up kitchen storage ideas while you cook

It’s not that you have to start scrubbing every ladle or item you use while cooking, but it won’t hurt that while the food is boiling or you have something in the oven you are going to scrub the gadgets you used for its preparation before cooking. . Likewise, you can move around with a clean, damp cloth to run across the counter with each step of the recipe you make.

11. Organize your food well in the kitchen

Ideas for organizing organized cooking

Having a tidy kitchen also means keeping food in order. In this sense, one should not only look have a well-organized fridge and freezer otherwise what it will also be good if the food is taken out of the refrigerator, such as the loaves of bread that we are going to eat, breakfast cereals, cookies, legumes, pasta, as well as potatoes or fruits that do not require cold, are in place.

In this sense it can be good have a closet or pantry for these foods, as well as a cart greengrocer In which to place for example potatoes, onions, garlic or also why not, oranges and lemons. Don’t leave everything on the kitchen counter or table because in the long run it can take up a lot of space and make everything really messy.

12. Move items around so that what you need is close at hand

Ideas for organizing the kitchen moving things

When cooking, it is very important to have a tidy kitchen, but also to have everything at hand, so that we don’t remove the utensils and leave them everywhere.

In this sense, it is better to have cutlery and crockery near the sink; spices and kitchen utensils, whether it is a rubber spatula or a frying pan, should be near the stove; place knives and cutting boards near your staging area; Finally, store the sugar, flour, rolling pins, cookie sheets, and stand mixer near your cooking zone.

13. Properly sort everything you store

Ideas for organizing the kitchen pantry

We have already mentioned previously the importance of ordering and putting away everything that we usually store in the kitchen, such as food, but it is also important to order all of this in a way that takes up less space and at the same time it helps us. cost less to find it.

In this sense, it will be good sort items by size and color, and as we mentioned for how often you use them.

14. Organize articles according to the task

Ideas for organizing the kitchen pot

It will also be good if you keep the kitchen in order of the task you are about to perform. The objective is organize the kitchen so that there is as little unnecessary movement as possible. If, after washing the silverware from dinner tonight in the sink, putting it away means walking across the kitchen to do it, chances are they will never be put away, then you better have it put away. -covers near water or also nearby. Dishwasher.

15. Think about kitchen lighting

Ideas for organizing kitchen lighting

While you might think that it doesn’t have much to do with order in the kitchen, the truth is that good lighting will help us understand whether everything looks organized or not. Remember that good lighting will allow you to find the utensils sooner that you are looking for or even influencing when organizing and arranging the items you have in view, such as household appliances.

Finally we can add a “little extra” which will consist in being aware of the space we have in our kitchen. It is important to value this as something really important taking into account that if we know that our kitchen is small we will not want to overcrowd too much, while in the case of a large kitchen you will be able to order more easily , although you can also run the risk of having things that you don’t really use.