15-year-old man invents device that converts sea motion into energy

With only $ 12 investment, Hannah Herbst purchased the materials needed to develop a device that generates renewable energy with the movement of ocean currents. The girl, a Florida resident, won the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge 2015 and received $ 25,000 in prizes.

Hannah Herbst Award

To build this kind of technology, Hannah uses a 3D printed propeller, PVC tubes, pulley and hydroelectric generator. Your prototype produces enough energy to power an LED lampBut she believes if she could invest in building a larger prototype, she could charge three batteries in an hour. Interest in ocean energy has grown in recent years with large-scale projects, the last we have seen is in Australia.

With this energy, it would be possible to supply enough energy for a desalination pump and filter sea water, convert sea water into drinking water.

15-year-old scientist invents device that converts sea motion into energy

The value of the prize is already intended: go straight into your savings to pay for your college education after high school. Certainly: the girl has talent! If the future of the world depends on it, the lack of clean water and investments in renewable energies will not be a problem for society. We hear the stories of young people who, with their enthusiasm and their abilities, want to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly technologies, such is the case of Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of “The Ocean Cleanup”, an organization that will deploy the first system to safely dispose of plastic waste from the oceans or Cynthia Sin Nga Lam, who developed the H2Pro, a device that purifies wastewater and at the same time produces hydrogen which allows electricity to be produced using only sunlight.

Hannah started her project by writing to a 9 year old boy living in Ethiopia, she found out that his family lived without a reliable source of electricity and clean water. Herbst therefore invested his efforts in trying to solve the boy’s family problem.

In the following video, Hannah explains in her own words how her contraption works.


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