We all want to make our lives easier. With the ups and downs of modern life, this seems like an elusive goal. So we recommend 20 very simple tips you can do to make your life easier. They are very easy to make and will have a excellent result.

20 smart ideas to make your life easier

Hide scratches on your mobile

And not only from the mobile, but also from your tablet or any device that has one glass screen. All you have to do is rub a nut on the screen. You will greatly reduce existing scratches and apply protective film which will prevent your mobile from those annoying signals when you hit it or when it rubs with your car keys in your pocket.

Increase the volume of your phone without speaker

If you put the phone in a bowl, the concave shape of this utensil, will amplify the music naturally, without using speakers.

Give your egg cartons another use

The boxes in which we receive the eggs are a bit difficult to dispose of, due to their size, shape and consistency. The good news is that precisely because of these features, and thanks to the ability to store them on top of each other, these packages are ideal for storing Christmas decoration, threads and needles, buttons, screws, nuts …

How to store bedding

Storage of bedding is a problem for the the space they occupy in the closet. However, if we take advantage of pillow cases, to store sheets and other sheets, much of the problem will be solved.

How to remove sand from your body

When you go to the beach, getting the sand out of your skin is not always easy, unless you have a good time in the shower. If before you apply talcum powder all over the body, you may not even need to shower.

Freeze aloe vera

Aloe vera is a wonderful and miraculous product. There are many applications and many Advantages that it brings us. One of them is the relief it produces from sunburn. However, applying it in its natural form is a bit tricky. Therefore, preparing it, mixing it and freezing it in cubes is undoubtedly one of the smart ideas to make your life easier.

Another use of swim caps

Bathing caps found in hotels or some spas are disposable for their original use. But for put away a pair of shoes and carrying them in the travel suitcase are ideal.

Hard butter

Butter becomes hard when you put it in the refrigerator. But if you don’t put it there, it’s likely to spoil. The solution is not to heat the butter. Better heat a knife with a handle in plastic or wood and you will notice that it comes out very easily.

Organize children’s toys

A velcro strip around the piece, will allow you to hang all plush dolls or in any textile material. You will only have the plastics.

Find small lost items

Rings, earrings, screws … any piece lost on the ground, you can find it vacuum tube coating with any type of fabric, or even with an old sock. You vacuum and small objects will be visible at the mouth of the tube.

Mark all cables

With the labels that we remove from the products that we have purchased in the market, we can mark the cables that arrive at a multi-hits. It is convenient to mark them in different sections of your route. One can be a PC, another phone, another mouse, another keyboard, etc. Surely when you have a problem with a device, you will know which cable to remove.

Colorful keys

If you have keys of the same shape and they belong to different doorsWell paint them with a different color each. At the same time, you can put a mark with the color of the key on the lock that it opens. There will be no room for error.

Collect water from the sink

The shovel, withdrawing the stick, is a perfect adapter for collecting water in a bucket or in any other container. Surely you’ve had this problem before and solved it by looking for a pipe.

Smoothing shirt collars

Iron for hair straightening, you can also make shirt collars without any wrinkles.

Separate the yolks from the eggs

For those who can or should only consume part of the egg, be it the yolk or the white, separating these two components can be a problem. All you have to do is take one PET plastic bottle, very clean of course, press it down and place the mouth of it on the yolk until it comes together. Then you stop squeezing the bottle and pull it out. The yellow will stick to the mouth of the bottle. Just place it on another plate and that’s it.

Cleaning the car headlights

Do it with toothpaste. They will be amazing … and with great breath.

How to heat leftover food?

This usually takes several minutes, stirring everything with a spoon to keep everything hot. You don’t need it. You just want to leave a free circle in the center of the pot so that the food will heat evenly around it.

Cut the onions

Stop crying while cutting the onions for the salad. Chew gum while you’re at it and say goodbye to crying.

Nail securely

If you have to drive a nail into a wall, do not hold it with your fingers. Do it with a clothespin. She’ll do the job of your fingers, and if something goes wrong, she’ll be the one injured, not your fingers.

Drill easily

When drilling a wall, you usually need to pick up debris from the ground afterward. If you add one a Post-it, under where you are going to punch it and fold it in half, the residue will fall on the paper and you will not have to clean up after punching.

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