Christmas decorations recycle or reuse waste

On these dates when so many Christmas decorations are being consumed, there is no harm in reusing some of our daily waste. We leave you here 22 original ideas to decorate your house and your Christmas tree for these holidays. With little money, labor, and skill, you can make all of these Christmas decorations by recycling or reusing different fairly common materials.

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  1. Snowmen with plastic cups.
  2. Christmas wreaths.
  3. Christmas decorations with soda cans.
  4. Christmas stars with soda or beer cans.
  5. Lamps with Nespresso capsules.
  6. Gears as decorations for the Christmas tree.
  7. Christmas scene in a glass jar.
  8. Bells with cups of tea or coffee.
  9. Christmas balls or decorations with CD.
  10. Christmas decorations with PET bottles.
  11. Bullets with magazines or newspapers.
  12. With wine corks.
  13. With mud or clay.
  14. Snowflake with wine corks.
  15. Ornaments with pasta.
  16. Lego parts.
  17. RAM memories.
  18. With bottle caps.
  19. Homemade Christmas balloons.
  20. Pistachio shells.
  21. Christmas balls with light bulbs.
  22. Penguins with light bulbs.

Snowmen with plastic cups.

Some fun snowmen with disposable plastic cups. In a simple way, you have a recycled Christmas decoration with a touch of originality. In fact, there are many ways to make snowmen with recycled materials, you just need to use your imagination or follow one of the examples and manuals that we provide.

Snowman with plastic cups
Christmas snowmen with plastic cups

Christmas garlands reusing or recycling waste.

Christmas garlands reusing waste

Original ideas to decorate your home with Christmas garlands during this holiday season. With little money, labor, and skill, you can make all of these garlands by recycling or reusing different fairly common materials. Let’s go!

Christmas decorations with soda cans.

christmas decorations made with cans

With soda or beer cans, along with accessories and labor, you can make spectacular decorations.

Lamps with Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso capsules are one of the biggest residues that the fashion for coffee machines has left us. But there is always a solution for everything and as you can see in the picture the result is spectacular. You can integrate the empty capsules with the lights of your Christmas tree.

Christmas lamps with Nespresso capsules

How to make Christmas elves out of pine cones and felt.

How to make Christmas Elves felt pine cones

A simple Christmas project where we will use felt and pine cones, materials that are readily available, two particularly useful materials for making crafts with children.

Gears as decorations for the Christmas tree.

Clock gears, toys or any device that you no longer have or will use can be made into a very original and exclusive decoration for your Christmas tree. Try and experiment, you will find that there are materials that you never thought would serve this purpose.

Gears as decorations for the Christmas tree

Christmas scene in a glass jar.

With a glass jar and a little imagination you can achieve fantastic results, and best of all, virtually all of the material in this Christmas ornament is recycled.

Christmas scene in a glass jar

Bells with cups of tea or coffee.

If your classic bells are already a little worn or old-fashioned, you can give them a touch of originality by adapting them to a cup of tea or coffee that you no longer use at home.

Bells with cups of tea or coffee

Christmas balls or decorations with CD.

It will take a little longer but I assure you that the result is worth it. You will convert some hard-to-recycle CDs or DVDs into fantastic Christmas decorations.

Christmas decoration with CD

Christmas decorations with PET bottles.

Usually used outdoors. One of my favorites, it never occurred to me to use plastic bottles as Christmas decorations on the street. A 10 for its designer.

Christmas decorations with PET bottles

Bullets with magazines or newspapers.

A most original Christmas arrangement. You just need to roll pieces of newspaper or magazine into a spiral and then glue them together to form an original ball.

Bullets with magazines or newspapers

With wine corks.

With a material that everything has to hand at home, wine corks, you can do real wonders for Christmas.

Christmas decorations with wine corks
5 caps

With mud or clay.

One of the most natural Christmas decorations we can make.

Christmas decorations made of clay or clay

Snowflake with wine corks.

A snowflake with wine corks is a decorative object that can be enjoyed at Christmas and all winter. This simple craft is inexpensive and can be completed in an afternoon.

Snowflake with wine corks

Ornaments with pasta.

Some ideal decorations for a restaurant for example.

Ornaments with pasta.

Lego parts.

To decorate the room of the most “geeks”:

Christmas decorations with lego pieces

RAM memories.

For the more technological. A hook and a bow transform these old-fashioned keepsakes into quirky Christmas decorations for the most tech-savvy homes.

Christmas decoration with RAM memories

With bottle caps.

With bottle caps and a little imagination, see what beautiful Christmas decorations for our tree we can put together 😉

Christmas decoration with cans

Homemade Christmas balloons.

A project that I love with which we can also take advantage of all these traditional light bulbs that we are gradually removing from our homes.

christmas balloon bulb

Pistachio shells.

A decoration for our Christmas of the most original and natural, you just have to stick in a coherent way in this case of pistachio shells.

Decorate at Christmas with pistachio shells

Christmas balls with light bulbs.

These traditional bulbs that you surely keep in a drawer of your house, with a little imagination and DIY, they can become an original recycled decoration for your Christmas tree for example.

Christmas ornament with light bulbs. Image: Werner Rebel Shutterstock

Penguins with light bulbs.

A little paint, a little imagination, and all of a sudden from those bulbs that you didn’t know what to do with, original penguins are going to appear.

Penguins with bulbs for the Christmas tree

And we did not know much, here we leave you many other Christmas ideas: