Students from decoration of spaces and architects should be aware that to design a space properly, it must take into account three key elements, namely that the place is functional, that it expresses the state of mind and that it reflects a sense of harmony. .

key elements for the design of a room

The three key elements in the design of a room

First: The success of a part is that it is functional.

Second: The success of a piece is that it expresses a state of mind.

Third: The room should offer a feeling of harmony.

Every time you watch one bedroom, you have to watch these three aspectsIn order to think about how to balance all aspects, no matter what type of furniture exists, these three guidelines will always help you to properly design any room in your home.

How to apply the three key elements of design to your room?

bedroom decor

Although we will not give you a lesson on professional decoration, if we can give you some guidelines that will help you decorate any space with success.

The living room

The living room is one of the main rooms, if not the main room in the house, where we pass most visitors, making it one of the rooms in the house most exposed to the looks and opinions of others. Therefore, and for your own comfort, it is necessary to follow the 3 precepts that we have indicated to you when decorating your living room.

There are living rooms where the emphasis is on a table for drinking coffee and next to it, an armchair where you can lie down poorly maintained and messy.

Another extreme case is that of the house which arranged everything and not very functional that one even feels uncomfortable when sitting in the room, because, like the plastic photos, it seems that everything is well studied and that feeling of heat inviting you to sit there. It is as if it is an exhibition rather than a functional space.

The first thing to think about is the function that each space in the house should fulfill. In the case of the living room, it has the visitor reception function, making them feel comfortable and at home. The armchairs should be arranged in such a way that a conversation can take place quietly, without filling them with cushions as it seems that we are trying to prevent the guests from sitting on the sofa.

one piece functionality

There must be tables next to each armchair so that a drink can be placed and the colors must be harmonious and welcoming. Flowers will make the room look messy and fresh, just like natural plants. The main idea is relaxation project, as if it were a tourism business, think that what to sell is a feeling, an experience.

The bedrooms

The three conditions that we talked about at the start of the article are also fundamental when it comes to designing your bedroom, making the most of its space and ultimately designing the bedroom of your dreams.

On the one hand, the bedroom must be Functionality. Obviously, this is the room where we will sleep (us or our children or a member of our family) and in which we will spend most of our time, even sleeping. The bedroom is usually the room in which we keep our clothing, accessories and many other personal itemsTherefore, functional design, good distribution and the correct use of space are essential in the design of a bedroom. Of course, it should be borne in mind that a bedroom designed for children is not the same as for adults. A functional children’s room it would be, for example, the one that would have its space dedicated to study, but also to leisure, games and entertainment. It is also essential to properly calculate the space and make the most of it, but without overloading the bedroom, remember that this is a place of rest.

Rooms must also reflect a state of mind, and I would say even more, they should reflect the personality of the tenant. The furniture, paintings on the walls, elements present and how they are arranged in the room, lamps and type of light, curtains, etc. All this influences to create a climate, the personality of the room, so to speak, with which one must accept to feel good in such a private space.

Finally, in addition to being functional and reflecting an atmosphere, the bedroom must also give an impression of harmony, continuity in style. It is often said that harmony is that all the elements are perfectly integrated in the room and that there are no “discordant notes”. However, we think it already depends more on individual tastes. What is for some a harmonious room, for others it is a medieval room. There are people who really make the harmony of chaos and we will not be the ones who restrict your freedom when designing your bedroom. This, yes, try to be consistent with yourself and with your tastes.

If you follow these tips and bet on these 3 basics, we can assure you that you will start to have much better results when decorating your home. What do you want your friends to tell you the next time they visit you?

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