We propose some interesting ideas to have an Economic and especially practical Secretary: Suspended in different ways and without legs, easel, etc.

suspended table with zippers and billboards

Tables are essential in any home. It is one of those pieces of furniture that you will find in any home.

There are many types. Some are true works of art, others are very practical and we may even find them very uncomfortable. In this article, we are going to propose some ideas for making a cheap and very functional table ourselves.

Advertising panels and zippers for a suspended table

They are a very solvent option. They keep the floor clean, offer numerous additional options, such as shelves and extra storage, and are very sturdy. This type of structure, which you can see at the beginning of the article, is originally intended for the storage of goods in companies.

Installation is very simple, but some precision is required so that each zipper is aligned with the wall and the rest. The ideal is also to go to our DIY center with the measurements we want for our desks so that they can cut the board to size.

At Tools necessary would be:

  • A drill.
  • Drills for drilling the wall and wall plugs.
  • Screws and screwdriver to fix the zippers on the wall. You may also need screws to secure the plates that will make our table and shelves to the reinforcements. It is also possible to find reinforcement and zipper systems where the plates fit and it is not necessary to screw them.
  • Level. We must make sure that everything is right.

Angles or squares to build cheap tables

cheap table with squares

It is the cheapest form of desktop. It consists of some angles or squares fixed to the wall on which a board is placed.

Pay attention to the height at which the wall is drilled to position the angles so that they are all at the same height. And also the separation of the angles, because if we leave too long the table can bend or even break. The tool required for installation is essentially the same as in the previous case.

The ideal is that the angles are foldable so that we can fold our table and leave space if necessary and that the angles are also reinforced.

4 legs and a board

Do-it-yourself tables

This is a desk almost as cheap as the previous one, it will depend a lot on the legs we choose. In most furniture stores and DIY centers we can find several models.

The great advantage is that to assemble it you only need a screwdriver and the respective screws, and that we do not run the risk of drilling the wall badly and leaving the desk crooked.