For better or for worse, with the Christmas arrival, we give more turns to all home decorating topics. Especially if the family Christmas dinner is to take place with us. For this reason, and to facilitate this work, we will show you 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table

Original ways to fold napkins to decorate a covered table

5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table

Despite 95% of people using these 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table, from WoodMe, we encourage you to use this decorative trick in all kinds of parties. Birthdays, get-togethers with friends and any event that involves a meeting of people, as they are done in a short time, they are very simple and they look great.

The jump in quality given by a table with napkins folded in the original shapes, to put the Typical decorated paper napkins in the supermarket in serviceis to think about it.

Original ways to fold napkins to decorate a Christmas table

So now that you will know 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table, use it to your advantage whenever you have the opportunity. Obviously, if you have children, to help you do that. They will have a great time.

Christmas tree

We begin the examination of these 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table with a New Year’s Eve classic: the Christmas tree. It won’t take you more than a minute and it will give a great family point to your table. Also, if you have green or red cloth napkins, the end result will be even better.

For turn your napkins into a Christmas treeAll you need to do is fold the napkin in half first and fold the resulting rectangle again. You will have a square with four layers. Place it in a diamond shape and lift the corner from bottom to top, leaving one finger splayed. Do the same with each layer and turn the towel over.

Original ways to fold napkins to decorate a Christmas tree table

Take the left corner and take it to the right. Do the same with the right corner and place it on the cut section on the left. All you have to do is turn the towel over and turn it over on itself. There you have your Christmas tree. Of course, if you haven’t heard much of the explanation, you can watch the video.


And from a Christmas tip, to another applicable to birthdays, Valentine’s Day or dates to share as a couple. The next of 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table It is a flower. Also very simple to make, although a little more laborious than the Christmas tree, but much more striking.

In that case, it is convenient to have red towels, pink or white so that the impact is greater. When we have it, with the napkin open, we take one corner of the napkin to the other, leaving a finger of space between the edges. We take the base and bend upwards, forming a roll, which should not reach the top edge, but almost. And we turn the towel over.

Now we take one end and do the same, a roll that has to go all the way and when we get there we stretch the excess pickaxe into the base we have left. Turn it over and we’ll see the rose. The final touch is to remove what will be the leaves, from the side of the roll that we have formed.

Candle with flame

And we continue with the romantic alternatives of 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table. Now with a candle with flame that will leave your guests with their mouths open. And don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it looks.

To begin with, we’re going to take the towel and we’re going to bring the upper peak to the lower peak, creating a triangle. We turn it over and the top vertex, again, this time goes down to the right base of the towel. The next step is to fold the napkin again, reaching the edge again.

We place the napkin vertically and, taking the lower end, we roll up. Previously, we left the lower peak on one side, as that will be the candle flame. You will see it best when you reach the top with the roller and place the other edge inside the base. We already have a candle. This, yes, never turn it on. This is not a joke.

Paper mill

How about turning your towels into precious crushers? Between the 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table there are also moments of play and originality. Not everything will be festive and romantic. So these grinders will give a fun point to your table

We will begin by bringing the four corners of the unfolded napkin to the center of it. Then we fold the bottom half to the center and the top half as well. We turn the towel 90 ° to put it vertically and do the same operation. In other words, the lower half towards the center and the upper half towards the center as well. We should have a smaller square than at the start.

Just remove the corners that were under the four squares that make up our napkin and we already have a paper mill with the cloth of our napkin. It doesn’t take more than a minute and you will stay with everyone.

Turkey or swan

Finally, we go with the most striking of 5 original ways to fold napkins to decorate a table what we offer: a swan or a turkey, as the host prefers. Note that here we are going to need two towels. It is a premium decoration

The first step is to fold the top two corners back to the center, then bring the two peaks that also formed to the center and, again, redo the operation a third time. We will have something similar to an airplane. We turn it over and take the beak to bring it back, and that same beak leans slightly forward.

Original ways to fold napkins to decorate a swan table

The second napkin should be folded in half and gathered in an accordion shape, leaving four fingers of margin at the end. We fold it in half and keep one of the tips, creating the tail. We insert this tail with the first napkin and we already have a turkey or a swan to impress everyone at the table