Photovoltaic solar energy has always had many legends, some of which have prevented many people from choosing this clean energy. In addition to the myths, it also contains irrefutable truths about its use.

According to the International Energy Agency, if adequate public policies are followed, photovoltaic energy in residential and commercial buildings can reach the power produced in the grid and equal its price to that generated by conventional sources.

Myths about solar energy.

1. Solar panels only work in areas where sunlight is direct and abundant.

False. Solar panels can generate a large amount of energy even if the weather is cold or there are clouds, even today they can generate energy even when it is raining. The panels receive energy from solar radiation, so they do not need to be exposed to direct sunlight to function. A cloudy sky does not stop solar radiation.

2. A solar panel is expensive.

False. The initial outlay may seem high, a luxury item only suitable for people with high purchasing power. But today the price of installation has dropped significantly, and its efficiency has increased.

A solar panel has an average useful life of 20-25 years, after 6 years of operation it already allows you to recoup the investment with the money saved on the electricity bill.

Large solar farms being developed around the world can make personal investment in solar panels unnecessary because you will simply have to contract your electricity with a supplier who can provide you with 100% renewable electricity.

3. Solar technology is new, wait until it improves.

False. Many people believe that solar technology is new and that you have to wait until it improves before investing in it. This is absolutely wrong, solar technology is over 100 years old. There are millions of solar systems around the world that generate energy, so it is more than proven to be reliable and worth our investment.

4. No one uses solar energy.

False. This technology has grown exponentially in recent years. It is such a popular technology that in countries like Germany where 25% of the population’s energy needs are met by solar energy.

5. Its installation is complicated.

False. Companies that sell this type of technology offer all the support during the installation of their systems. Nowadays there is “plug and play” equipment, you just need to place it on roofs like solar tiles or in ground systems, connect them to each other, then to the batteries and the inverter. In one day, you can install the system at home.

Facts about solar energy.

1. It’s good for the environment.

To produce the energy that you use in your home for a month, 2.9 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, 1.9 kilograms of nitrogen oxides and 529 kilograms of carbon dioxide are emitted. By reducing your consumption with clean energy, you limit these emissions.

2. It is easy to maintain.

It has no moving parts to replace or adjust. The panels only require cleaning to prevent dust build-up and to check the system and connections from time to time.

3. It can be generated anywhere.

Provided there is sunlight and the system is properly installed, it can operate at full efficiency in sunny and cloudy environments.

4. It’s effective.

The efficiency of the system in reducing transmission losses is high.

5. It’s safe.

Solar panels, batteries and inverters meet global standards, ensuring optimum performance and long service life.