We share 50 twenergy challenges to save energy, try to achieve them!

  1. Recycle your boxes and make a pencil holder.
  2. Create your own urban garden.
  3. Use organic sunscreens.
  4. Do not overuse the bleach. You have alternatives.
  5. Do not use the showers on the beach.
  6. Recycle jeans.
  7. Decorate your candles with leaves.
  8. Use the basket more.
  9. Run to save energy and money.
  10. Plant a tree in your garden.
  11. Use plastic bottles as flower pots.
  12. Illuminate your garden effectively.
  13. Install gaskets or weatherstripping on windows and doors.
  14. Install a heat pump.
  15. If you have air conditioning, install a thermostat.
  16. Use your washer and dryer efficiently.
  17. Keep the refrigerator in good condition.
  18. Use black on your computer screen.
  19. Use your ceramic hob efficiently.
  20. Replace the old taps with mixer taps.
  21. Use the pressure cooker.
  22. Use the water shut-off valve to save money.
  23. Use the vacation function of your refrigerator.
  24. Install the dual flush mechanism in your cistern.
  25. Install the air conditioner in a shady place.
  26. Clean your extractor.
  27. Program in the oven at the ideal temperature.
  28. Recycle glass bottles to make glasses or as ornaments.
  29. Keep your iron in good condition.
  30. Buy things that last, apply the lengthening.
  31. Use your ingenuity to save on home lighting.
  32. Recycle your plastic bags, give them more than one use.
  33. Decorate with candles
  34. Turn off all your devices with a timer.
  35. If you are using faxing, it is better not to use thermal processes.
  36. Adjust the detergent dosage according to the hardness of the water in your washing machine.
  37. Avoid using lights on your Christmas decorations.
  38. Do not open the oven while it is in use.
  39. Make dirty paper notebooks in the office.
  40. Drive with a greased gear.
  41. Use direct light for your daily tasks.
  42. Organize rakes with trash you no longer need.
  43. Create your vegetable garden with your children with yoghurt containers.
  44. Use vinegar as a natural cleanser.
  45. Use the fruit as a natural air freshener in your home.
  46. Check your car often to minimize CO2 emissions.
  47. Buy online in groups and save on packaging.
  48. Make sure you don’t throw recyclable items in the trash.
  49. Cook for several and freeze what remains.
  50. Adjust the temperature of your water heater.