Birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions can turn into an odyssey if you don’t know what to get your loved one. If you have always had the same problem, in this article we offer you a series of personalized gifts from the German brand Hofmann. And if you want more information, in the Hofmann website you can find more products so that you can surprise someone special.

Discover the original Hofmann gifts

At Hofmann, they provide users with a catalog with the most remarkable personalized gifts. For example, the mask is today our main accessory par excellence. Therefore, Hofmann offers hygienic masks fully personalized reusable.

The the antibacterial effectiveness of these masks is 93.84% and has a breathability of 17.6 Pa / cm2. And to personalize it, you can choose from the available designs and add text. In this sense, it should be noted that the design of the mask is accordion-pleated. That is, it has folds so that you can cover your mouth, nose and chin well.

On the other hand, Hofmann’s personalized masks have three different layers: two in polyester and one non-woven intermediate. It also has a flexible metal nose bridge so you can adapt the mask to the nose and silicone rubber bands for a better fit.

The adult masks measure 18 x 17 cm and the children’s masks 16 x 15 cm. They are all Approved masks resistant to washing. Although it should be noted that this is not personal protective equipment (PPE).

Magnets to personalize the fridge

With Hofmann, you will no longer have to travel to give a fun magnet to your loved one, because it offers a set of nine magnets that you can personalize with the best photos. All magnets are made of a flexible material and have a satin finish. They can be found in two sizes: 5 x 5cm and 7.5 x 7.5cm.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect gift for decorate the fridge of your friends or family. So every time they open the fridge, they’ll remember those crazy moments they had by your side. And for example, if each magnet has a photo of a parent, you can use that to remember a task you have pending with that person. The possibilities are limitless.

Finally, it should be noted that magnets can be customize easily via the Hofmann app. > In it, you can choose the photos you want from your smartphone and voila! You will already have your 100% customizable magnets.

Personalized backpacks to go to school in style

With Hofmann your children can go to school with their 100% personalized backpacks. They are available in three sizes: 25 x 30 cm, 32 x 46 cm and 59 x 90 cm. The smallest size is great for carrying a lunch or a snack, the medium for carrying school books, and the large for storing whatever you want.

The photos of the Hofmann backpacks are double-sided. Moreover, you can add original texts and choose from several original designs and backgrounds. On the other hand, it should be noted that all the backpacks have hand-made finishes and are made with durable polyester fabric, gray lining and rope handles. The medium backpack also has a hidden zip pocket to store small items.

The totally personalized UNO game

Who hasn’t played UNO? With Hofmann you can have family game par excellence with customizable cards. More precisely, you can choose 5 cards, between action cards and wild cards, and place the 5 photos you like the most.

The game includes instructions for knowing the rules, 118 quality cards and 5 customizable cards. In addition, it comes in a box of 12 x 9.2 x 2 cm. Without a doubt, it is ideal for spending a moment of pleasure with family or friends. Of course, without cheating.

Photos in lacquered wood and natural wood

If you like natural, elegant and minimalist decorations, at Hofmann you can have your favorite photos on lacquered wood. These panels have a high quality gloss finish. In addition, you can choose three different sizes and two structures: horizontal or vertical.

In addition, it should be noted that you can put your photos on lacquered wood wherever you want, since the panel has a rear support that allows them to be placed in different places like a bookcase or a piece of furniture.

On the other hand, at Hofmann they also offer photos in natural wood. In this case, oak wood with a high-quality matte finish is used. Photos are printed using the UV ink method which protects the print from deterioration from the sun.

The wooden box is available for horizontal and vertical photos. It is also so light that it can be easily placed anywhere. Therefore, with Hofmann, you can give a unique moment in a most original structure.