proposals for making your pool with pallets

The heat year after year is more and more unbearable, in many parts of the world they did not experience such high temperatures maintained for so long. The crisis is also tightening and the possibilities of having enough space and financial means to constitute a pool of work are increasingly rare for the great majority of us. So today we share with you these proposals so that you can make your own pools with pallets, simple and inexpensive. All the proposals are alike but each one is special. You will surely find yours 😉 To work!


In addition to the pallets, we will be using many other recycled materials, so economically these pools are viable. Of course, you will have to give yourself some skills with the tools, as it will not be a simple task.

It would also be important that we consider where we get the water for the pool. This guide offers you some ideas for harvesting rainwater more or less by hand. In addition, we also have several commercial alternatives such as Rainfall or this vertical modular tank.

You should also take into account the possibility of reusing the water for irrigation after the bathing season, so try not to use toxic chemicals for cleaning.

We offer 6 projects for you to create your own swimming pool, all made from reused pallet wood. You just need to choose the one that best suits your needs and start working 😉

  1. Swimming pool with only 10 pallets.
  2. Pool at low cost.
  3. Complete swimming pool.
  4. Pallets to line prefabricated swimming pools.
  5. How to make a swimming pool with 12 legs.
  6. Model with plans for swimming pool with pallets.

How to make your pool with paddles.

Pool with only 10 pallets 😉

How to make a swimming pool with paddles

A swimming pool whose structure will be these 10 pallets that we need, forming and closing a circle. We will insulate with a plastic material and we will end up covering the outside if we do not want the pallets to be seen. It is not a complicated project to carry out but it takes at least two people to carry it out. Here are the instructions.

Inexpensive pool with paddles.

The measures will be to the consumer’s taste, without exaggerating so that it does not fall and break on the first dive.

Swimming pools with pallets1
Swimming pools with pallets2
Swimming pools with pallets3

As you can see in the photos, a fairly simple project, similar to the previous one but we will only need a minimum of 4 palettes to give it a square shape. From there, depending on the size we want, we can use more or less pallets.


Pallets to line prefabricated swimming pools.

This pool is not really made of pallets, the idea is to surround the prefabricated pool with vertical wooden beams, where later we will nail the pallet planks between beam and beam.

Swimming pools with pallets4
Swimming pools with pallets5
Swimming pools with pallets6
Swimming pools with pallets7
Swimming pools with pallets8
Swimming pools with pallets9

The result is certainly fantastic.

How to make a swimming pool with 12 pallets.

Very similar to the first proposal but more elaborate, it will take you much longer to assemble it, but it will be worth it. This pool can last for many years without a problem.

Model with plans for swimming pool with pallets.

swimming pool made with paddles

A swimming pool that has nothing to envy to the prefabs that are sold. It will last you several seasons with minimal maintenance. Here are the instructions.


Once your pool is done you can consider heating the water for free, you can make your own solar pool heater.

Complete professional swimming pool.

Finally, a swimming pool is not suitable for amateurs. For this you will need to have professional help. The result is spectacular.

Hope you are interested in some!