Shelters that we can make with a tarp

If camping or backcountry camping is part of your hobby, you probably know a lot of useful accessories, tips and tricks. But What to do when you go camping and are surprised by a sudden storm? Imagine you don’t have a suitable tent on hand, you can create a safe haven with various materials, just make a list before you leave home.

66 shelters that can be made with a tarp

The best way to make a shelter is to use a tarp, a strong and waterproof material, which can be very useful in survival or emergency situations. What you can do with the tarp is a tent that will keep you protected until the rain stops. There are many variations of how to make a shelter with a tarp, the best way to learn is to start practicing with the ideas you will find in the following list:

Tent with canvas

In this video you will find several examples: