Renewable energy solar panels

According to the recent report NewClimate – Institute for Climate Policy and Global SustainabilityA model based entirely on renewable energies would save almost $ 500 billion and create three million jobs in the EU, the United States and China, and would also prevent the deaths of more than one million people because of pollution.

The most important figures revealed by this report are:

  • A 100% renewable electricity system in China, the United States and the European Union could save $ 520,000 million. Of this figure, 170,000 million would correspond to the EU, 160,000 million to the United States and 190,000 million to China.
  • These 3 major economies could create around 3 million jobs over the next 35 years. 430,000 in the European Union, 650,000 in the United States and nearly two million in China.
  • The reduction of polluting emissions would prevent the death of 1.3 million people, 1.2 million would be Chinese.

Wind turbine

Mohamed Adow, President of the Climate Action Network says:

Making a just transition to a 100% renewable energy model is a snap, because it means healthier economies and healthier people.

According to experts, if certain sectors would suffer from this change, an orderly transition from the current energy model to an energy model entirely based on renewable energies would be possible and would have great benefits for today’s society.

thermosolar plant