Bus with cow dung reading line

A bus that uses biomethane as fuel, obtained from cow waste, in particular their excrement. This is the fuel used by a bus in the UK that connects the regular line to Reading.

And not only is it content with that, but its performance on the road does not have to envy those who consume fossil fuels. It recently hit 120 km / h in one of the many tests it passes. In this case, a publicity stunt to highlight the good results that this bus gives.

Bus with cow droppings

Biomethane is obtained from cow excrements, digested by bacteria in a bioreactor in the absence of oxygen. It is stored in 7 tanks on the roof of the car. This biofuel can be used in any type of vehicle with some minor modifications.

The advantage of this alternative mode of transportation is that it does not burn gasoline or diesel and also prevents the methane used from entering the atmosphere.

A while ago we read about another English bus that was running on garbage, but these humans:


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Alternatives that are being studied so that little by little, or even better, our dependence on mobile fuels would be less and less.

Via bbc.com