Folding Airless Tire with Revolve Wheel

Spinning wheelIs an airless, puncture-proof folding tire alternative, compatible with most current bikes and wheelchairs.

It was created by German designer Andrea Mocellin, with a modern approach to conventional wheel design, influenced by the growing trend of folding vehicles, often limited by the size of their wheels.

Revolution Wheel Folding Tire

Spinning wheel“Offers a solution for folding bikes that had to use smaller wheels to be able to fold down to a size small enough to transport – most manufacturers use 16 or 20 inch wheels.

Revolve wheel airless folding tire dimensions

The Mocellin wheel provides 26 inch wheels that can be bent to less than a third of their size. Its unique hexagonal structure folds like a capsule, allowing for effortless packaging with an aesthetic reminiscent of a modern speaker. It is designed to be the first modular wheel that can be easily folded, perfect for bike tours or city adventures.


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