The Finnish company Paptic Ltd. has developed a new packaging material that combines the best characteristics of existing materials, such as high print quality of paper, durability of nonwovens and versatility of textiles, while being made 100% with fibers of wood.

Plastic bags are a very serious problem for the environment. About 1 billion plastic bags are used each year, 89% of them only once.

PAPTICĀ® is a new, state-of-the-art packaging material that offers an unprecedented combination of paper and plastic qualities. It has all the benefits of plastic – it’s versatile, reusable, lightweight, soft – but it’s made from renewable raw materials and it’s recyclable!

Paptic is made from durable wood fiber and is suitable for uses where plastic films have heretofore been the only alternative. At the moment, the material is made of over 70% renewable materials and is 80% recyclable, but over time the two figures will reach 100%.

It is heat sealable and therefore can be used in various packaging applications. It can be stretched up to 20% and is stronger than plastic films. This means that it does not easily lose its shape. Like plastic bags, the Paptic bag can be folded to a small volume and stored ready for the next use.

Paptic’s versatility, coupled with its recyclable properties, make this material a powerful tool for environmentally conscious brands.


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