The big solar roofing companies for homes, in the case of Tesla, have found a new competitor. This is Forward Labs, a Start American company that has launched a new solution integrating an optical layer thanks to which the solar installation is completely integrated into the roof without the aesthetics reducing its efficiency, which, according to the creators, is one of the highest on the market .

To do this, this roofing installation is made up of five layers, one of which is made up of high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells and long service life. But not only is its result explained there, but it must be in the space between the panel and the roof, which has been optimized to promote the entry of cold air and maintain the temperature of the panel. With this, this solar roof can continue to operate at the highest level of efficiency even on the sunniest days, according to Zach Taylor, product architect for Forward Labs, who ensures that his solution is “One of the most efficient on the market”.

Two of the novelties that differentiate these panels from the rest of the proposals are located one layer above and another below the monocrystalline cells. Thus, above, a chromatic optical film layer, allowing the panel to take almost any color. “It is practically indistinguishable” off the roof, Taylor says in this video, in which you can check out the results of the sheet. Above, in the upper part of the panel, there is glass designed for maximum durability and to protect the rest of the installation from storms, hail and other possible threats to its stability.


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The other difference Forward Labs makes from the competition is under the solar cell layer, where a one-piece galvanized metal panel, which reduces costs and speeds up assembly tasks. In addition, the last part of this roof is formed by the storage system, which guarantees its invisibility and transfers the wiring inside the house.

As the company emphasizes among the technical characteristics of its roof panels, they offer a Energy density of 19 watts per square foot (just under a square decimeter), compared to the 11-watt other solutions, which are also priced at $ 11, above the 8.5 at which the square foot of these panels is offered. Another of its strengths compared to the competition is the time required for installation, which is reduced to between two or three days, compared to five or seven which are required for other assemblies.

Aesthetics have been a very careful aspect in the design of these panels which, in addition to being available in eight colors, are created to go as unnoticed as possible, so that homes are not devalued and conflicts between communities. are avoided. neighbors due to the installation of panels to capture solar energy.

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