Photovoltaic skylight

Incorporating skylights into buildings offers many advantages, among the most visible the use of natural light for interior lighting. But, if instead of the glass to be used, these are created from photovoltaic glass, the generation of clean energy is added as a force.

For this reason, Onyx Solar, a company specializing in the sector, has imagined photovoltaic skylights, solution to which they resorted in the stadium of Miami Heats or in what is called the most sustainable building in the northern hemisphere, the LUCIA (University Shuttle to Applied Research Centers), of the University of Valladolid.

These are just a few examples to which are added others, such as the headquarters of the multinational Novartis or the former Bell Laboratories, which have opted for this innovation created by the company with its main headquarters and its production plant in the province of Ávila. From there, this firm specializing in glass-based photovoltaic solutions has grown around the world, with offices in the United States and China.

Among the various innovations brought by Onyx Solar, we can mention: photovoltaic skylights. In addition to allowing any building to capture the sun’s energy for free, this solution has more strengths. Among them, for example, the air chamber of the insulating glass of such systems stands out, with which a better thermal performance of buildings that opt ​​for this solution. And this is not only suitable for new construction, but these skylights can also be installed in pre-existing buildings.

“The skylight generates clean and free energy while offering bioclimatic thermal comfort properties”, emphasizes the driving company, which highlights the impact of these installations on CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, which decreases considerably, as does the carbon footprint of buildings.

In addition, the type of glass used for these skylights incorporates a optimized filter that blocks almost 100% of UV and infrared rays. This not only benefits the people inside the building, but also its materials, which are less exposed to premature aging.

Onyx Solar, which counts among its innovations photovoltaic floors capable of supporting 400 kilos of weight, ensures that These photovoltaic skylights reduce energy needs from air conditioning by 40% on average. With that, they assure, the constructions which integrate these solutions would generate energy at 0.01 euro per kWh.

Although the cost of this type of solution depends on each project, the innovations of Onyx Solar being distinguished by their flexibility and customization, the company invests the time necessary to recover the investment made between one and two years, in addition to ensure that the internal rate of return (IRR) of these skylights is 65%, compared to the environment of 10% in which it is located, on average, in the case of solar gardens.