A sundial capable of reading the time like a digital one without the need for electricity

Julien Coyne has created a spectacular open-source project. A sundial made with a 3D printer, able to read the time by creating a shadow with digital numbers. Fascinating! We can make it ourselves and we won’t need any electronics or batteries, all we will need is the sun.

The base of the sundial is a cylinder with a large number of perforations, which are placed in such a way that they allow light to pass in a different way as the sun moves, creating a shadow where numerical digits will appear which accurately mark the time. .

It’s not perfect, he can only tell the time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with 20 minute intervals.

Its designer made available the source code, as well as the 3D model made with OpenSCAD.

We are sharing the assembly tutorial, if you just want to see the clock working, skip to minute 13:04.

Via mojoptix.com