The company ICS has created a new sheet capable of increasing the energy efficiency of traditional photovoltaic modules by 5 to 10%. And reach an even higher percentage in more advanced applications.

Independent research institutes confirm the increased performance of solar panels.

An “invisible trick” to increase the performance of solar panels, applicable to any photovoltaic technology.

This is the goal achieved by the Finnish company ICS, creator of a special optical sheet for photovoltaic modules. The Solar powered optics (SEO), as it has come to be known, has the task of efficiently capturing and redirecting light into the solar cell, resulting in a significant increase in energy production.

We have found a way to accurately capture and channel the light rays. The technology of our SEO plug is based on integrated optical cavities which are not exposed to external influences or contamination and are therefore as durable as the photovoltaic panel itself. On paper, the operation is simple: very small structures, on a micrometric and nanometric scale, trap the incident rays, creating a new path for light. And hence, they increase the performance of solar panels.

Kari Rinko, Technical Director of ICS.

One of the peculiarities of the new sheet is that it can only be applied to the edges of the upper (or lower) glass, maintaining the same efficiency as an optic mounted on the entire surface of the module. This saves material costs.

For production, the company relies on a high quality and economical digital printing process from roll to roll.

ICS has patented the technological platform that covers both optics and its production.

It is a modular technology ready to be used by industry without problems around the world. This unique platform establishes and helps achieve new sustainable energy goals for the entire photovoltaic industry.

Kari Rinko, Technical Director of ICS.

The SEO movie, the company explains, has been tested by independent third parties such as the Fraunhofer ISE solar research institute.

The tests confirm the results obtained by the ICS itself, which show a 5-10% increase in solar panel performance for polysilicon cells.

We continue to develop our technology to increase energy efficiency and increase the potential of the entire platform for future generations of photovoltaic and thin film panels. Among the advantages of SEO film is the transparent and black reflective layer with 80% reflectivity and 30% energy gain in transparent and translucent photovoltaic panels. It is also applicable and advantageous in terms of performance of flexible solar panels.

Kari rinko