At WoodMe we know that you like being able to do DIY at home as well as all kinds of repairs or reforms such as painting and for those who might not know what is the best paint in each case, I would like tell you about one of the most used like acrylic.

The acrylic paint It is about being a type of paint with a simple application, and which also hardens more quickly in which we will find many solutions to all those people who do not have much experience in to paint.

How is acrylic paint:

  • The acrylic paint It differs from others by its composition based on a plasticized material called acrylic polymer.
  • It is a quick-drying type of paint and although its composition contains water, the truth is that once applied it is resistant to it. It also dries quite quickly and it should be added that it usually changes the color tone once it is dry.
  • The acrylic paint dates from the first half of the 20th century and developed in parallel Germany Yes United States.

We then see that this type of paint can be ideal for those who do not have much experience in what refers to painting, but before we start applying it to a wall, we need to know what we can do and what is not or what is the best solution. in the end we can say that the painting was perfect.

How to paint with acrylic paint:

  • Before starting to paint, we must check that the wall that we have to paint is dry, clean and that it does not contain dust either, because this way we can fix the paint well and standardize the result.
  • When you uncover the paint, you need to remove it. Do not do this with the bottle closed and the “raw” as you will only get bubbles to form. The correct action is to take a stick or a rod and stir the paint, that way you will get all the color to be what we will see on the wall later.
  • You will need to paint on a day when it is not very humid, or when it is raining, as this could cause the paint to not look the way you want it to be. It is better to choose a day of average temperature.
  • If you have to do several coats of paint, you must let the wall dry thoroughly before applying the new coat.

Knowing this you can start using this type of paint which I also recommend you cover properly once you are done because if you leave it open it can take air and you will hardly be able to use it. a second time.

On the other hand, if you stain your clothes with this type of paint, it is recommended that you wash them as soon as possible and dry them. Paint stains are quite difficult to remove, so it is best to wear old clothes.

Video on preparing the wall before painting:

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