A 70-year-old woman who personally considered cleaning up Britain’s beaches in 2018. Every week he cleaned a beach, collecting plastic and litter from 52 different UK beaches.

With the intention of “leave a better world for future generationsPat Smith collects litter on his country’s beaches. Its goal should be everyone’s goal, but remember that prevention is better than cure, it reduces the use of single-use plastics.

New Year’s Resolution.

Pat Smith is a 70 year old woman who as a goal for 2018 he decided to clean up the beaches of Great Britain. He traveled the entire coast collecting trash and plastic, managing to clean 52 beaches. One every week.

He hasn’t finished his task since plans to continue this work in 2019. Her great social conscience makes her content to have achieved her New Year’s resolution, having helped the planet to be a little cleaner.

Who is Pat Smith?

She’s a 70-year-old Briton known as “Nan action»Founder of the environmental group Final Straw Cornwall.

Thanks to his great love and concern for the environment, he promised a year ago to clean up as many beaches as possible. Her goal, according to her, is “Protect the planet and leave it in the best possible condition for your children and grandchildren.”

How did you do this work?

He traveled across Britain with several garbage bags in tow, a collection stick and gloves. He was in charge of picking up plastic, garbage and general garbage that were on the beaches.

When collecting garbage, I documented in a Blog, commenting on the feelings and frustrations of each cleaning day.

In week 11 he wrote:

“It was so disappointing the time I cleaned the same beach twice. After cleaning it once, the next week I found it in worse condition ”.

“We need more people involved who understand the damage being done to our planet. Maybe they are aware and are thinking about the damage they are causing by not managing their waste properly. “

Sometimes during this period some volunteers and friends joined his cause. In the end, he realized that the problem was very big and very serious, that it was necessary to adopt legislation which corresponded to the problem.

However, as this legislation arrives, Pat will continue to work in 2019, cleaning up the planet and hoping that every day more and more people join this cause and take care of the environment.


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