Managing Director Faury is awaiting support from the German government to maintain jobs.

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus hopes that the German state will support it in managing the COVID-19 crisis.

As already announced, Airbus plans to cut a total of 15,000 jobs by summer 2021, including 5,100 in Germany alone.

With government backing, there could be 2,000 fewer jobs in Germany, CEO Guillaume Faury said in the Spiegel interview. “We believe that up to 500 jobs could be maintained if the federal government supported us, for example, through the hydrogen aircraft development program.“Said the boss of Airbus.

Short-term 24-month job extension could further secure up to 1,500 jobs. “Discussions have already started,” Faury said in the interview.

When asked if the three Airbus owners say Germany, France and Spain could increase their shares, Faury reacted negatively: “When the crisis erupted, we insured € 15 billion in the capital market to strengthen our liquidity. At the moment, therefore, we see no reason for a greater government stake in the capital of the company.