Algae that recycle CO2 on highways

This experiment is part of the Villes et Champs gardening competition which is held every year in Geneva. In this festival, 13 locations are chosen for the contestants to turn into new gardens. Design studio The Cloud Collective has secured an overpass over a highway.

The solution they chose was very original. They placed a bioreactor made up of transparent tubes filled with fresh water with algae inside. Algae only need energy from the sun and CO2 to grow. They get CO2 from cars passing under the bridge, helping to reduce the environmental pollution they produce. They take advantage of the CO2 released by vehicles to produce biomass, energy after all.

Algae that recycle CO2 on highways

Solar energy produced by solar panels powers the motors and filters necessary to keep the tube system clean and in top working order.

The algae used in the experiment can be used to generate fuel from biomass, to make cosmetics and even medicine. Its uses have multiplied over the years.


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Recycling Co2 is not impossible, there are many uses, believe it or not.

Combustion vehicles are one of the most influential polluting actors and, therefore, one of the main causes of climate change. Experiments like this wouldn’t make sense if electric cars were already the majority on our roads and their energy came from any renewable energy source. Efficient cars are a fundamental part of change.