At the start of 2015, 886 Dutch people took their government to court in The Hague to reduce their CO2 emissions. They won and the court of The Hague ordered the Dutch government undertake a 25% reduction over the next 5 years. One of the measures the Dutch government will take to undertake this reduction will be that Dutch railways run 50% wind power by the end of this year and 100% from 2018.

Electric passenger trains in the Netherlands are already 100% powered by wind energy

Trains in the Netherlands carry 1.2 million passengers every day, let’s think about how successful it would be to transport so many people with renewable energy every day. Consider that transport is responsible for 20% of the CO2 emissions in the Netherlands, and if we want to continue traveling it is important that we do so without harming the environment.

The wind energy that will be used to power the trains will not only be produced in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. It also allows the country’s wind resources to be used by other companies.

It could be an inspiration for other nations – on all continents – to copy the Netherlands’ plans and tip the scales towards renewables.