In Wood Me we are now talking about what aluminum windows are. A type of window that has always been used a lot in homes and which allows it to last over time in addition to being a good insulator.

aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are next to PVC, the most common type of window in homes Today. Both materials are moldable and light, but at the same time they are resistant so both will be perfect to choose them in the realization of our windows.

Aluminum for windows:

changing aluminum windows

Aluminum is as I say one of the most used materials for doors and windows in houses, because it is a material much lighter than woodor this iron which does not rust under the action of atmospheric agents, and which does not require any maintenance; as a downside to say it’s more expensive.

On the other hand, it must be said that it is good thermal insulator, and which acts as a barrier between the exterior and interior of the house.

This is why in winter we can protect from cold so that we don’t notice it inside the house the same as in summer it must be said that it will insulate us from the heat that he does abroad.

We see then that aluminum is a good material for making windows, although a little more expensive than iron for example, now the benefits will be greater and the expense will be worth it when we realize that we ourselves can place aluminum windows in our house.

How to put an aluminum window in the house:

The truth is that in order to place a window at home it will be better that we always turn to a professional but sometimes if we want to change them ourselves we can follow a series of steps that following them in detail will lead us to be able to change our window for one of the aluminum.

The first thing we’ll have to do is delete the old window, If it is made of wood, the wood is removed with a saw and also with the frame, if it is in PVC or aluminum you have to loosen the screws which hold the frame against the wall and then the frame.

We will then place the frame of the new window that we have to fix with a material called polyurethane foam which is also applied with a special gun.

After the frame we need to place the window, embedded in the frame and we will also place the window frames, to do this we must first put the frame in the guide of the frame above and then place it in the guide of the frame below, once the two frames placed, place the windbreak of the upper horizontal frame, and you will have to guide it manually until it is in the center of the frame.The windbreaks are screwed or glued, in any case only fix them when the two sheets are in place.

Why choose an aluminum window

aluminum windows

When we create our home or have to do renovations, we know that natural light is one of the most important things of all, it is what gives us life and connects us to the outdoors a bit. . This is why windows are so important.

If among all the materials you have decided that aluminum is the best one for you, you should know that this type of window comes in different colors, so that you can play with the decoration of your house so that it is thus part of it and allow it to be another complement that joins the rest of the household objects.

On the other hand, aluminum allows a thermal sensation pleasant with which, your house can be in good condition even in winter.

As for interviewIt should be noted that there are good products for cleaning aluminum windows and you will not have any problem with them, as they are very easy to clean with a damp cloth and with the type of product you have chosen.

Never force the handle because you could end up breaking the aluminum window.

Another advantage of aluminum windows is the part acoustic this allows for considerable isolation which allows noise to be made without having to go out and vice versa, there may be a lot of noise outside which will not enter the house as much.

Finally, keep in mind the type of crystals what will you use with your aluminum windows since you can place both colored crystals and translucent crystals, mirrored crystals or crystals with special designs which you can send to customize. In any case, adding a curtain to the window is never too much and it can give that extra touch to adapt the aluminum window to any type of decoration.aluminum windows type

More information about aluminum windows:

I leave you a video showing how to place an aluminum window:

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