Artificial trees whose leaves transform light into electrical energy

Scientists from Finnish companies Mountain biking have developed a prototype of tree that generates solar energy from its environment – indoors or out – stores it in batteries inside the trunk and converts it into electricity to power small devices like cell phones, humidifiers, thermometers or LED bulbs.

The technology can also be used to generate kinetic energy from the environment through leaf movement or changes in temperature.

Leaves that convert light into electrical energy

The “leaves” of the tree are flexible solar panels made using a printing process developed by VTT. The leaves form a complete electronic system that conducts energy to a converter that powers devices such as cell phones or sensors that scan the environment.

3D technology using wood-based biomaterials

The tree trunk is made with 3D technology using wood-based biomaterials.

The trees are modular, so how many more branches Yes leaves more energy is captured.


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