Ashes to Life Project is an innovative solution to revive forests damaged by fire from their own ashes.

After a research and development process, the ash is transformed into ecological products, and 10% of its turnover is devoted to the restoration of burnt forests through the development of its environmental project.

The current scenario of climate change coupled with increasing temperature and decreasing precipitation amplifies the incidence and virulence of forest fires, causing thousands of forests to burn to the ground.

ASHES TO LIFE, was born to respond to the global problem of forest fires. Using R + D + i, and recovering the historical soap-making process that refers to ancient cultures such as Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, she succeeded in turning the ashes into ecological soap, the sale of which helps restore them. forests burned by the development of its environmental project ASHES TO LIFE Project.

Since the soil conditions after the fires are very poor, ASHES TO LIFE currently uses vegetable ash certified for cosmetic use as a raw material in the development of all its products. The objective of his environmental project (ASHES TO LIFE Project) goes further and is to study how to access forests that have suffered fires without damaging them further, by removing a small part of the ash to turn them into products that help to take care of the skin of the People and services that help take care of the skin of the Earth.

The ASHES TO LIFE project aims to develop a specific action protocol to restore areas affected by forest fires, so as to:

  • Make a specific diagnosis of the needs of each burnt forest and develop the optimal methodology to extract part of the ash, so that it does not compromise the regeneration of the environment.
  • Certify the ashes and approve them for use in cosmetics.
  • Develop and later market products made from the same ashes with which to obtain funds to aid in subsequent forest regeneration through the restoration protocol.
  • Develop a protocol for the ecological restoration of burnt forests and put it into practice thanks to the funds obtained through the sale of their products.

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To carry it out in its entirety with all the guarantees of applicability and long-term sustainability, the development of the Protocol requires participatory processes that involve Administrations, Public Organizations, Scientists, Companies and Local Organizations with the ASHES TO LIFE project.

The organic soaps developed by ASHES TO LIFE have differences that make them truly unique:

  • TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION METHOD: It uses the traditional manufacturing process (cold saponification) to make all soaps. In this way, vegetable oils are not subjected at any time to high temperatures, which guarantees that they retain all their vitamins and their antioxidant power, in addition to preserving the glycerin generated. This makes their soaps moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating the skin, unlike those made by hot saponification (above 200oC) which completely negates any kind of benefit for the skin.
  • RAW MATERIALS WITH ECOLOGICAL CERTIFICATION:The oils and butters in their soaps are certified organic and are first pressed. In this way, they retain all their qualities, offering exceptional results.
  • USE OF PURE ESSENTIAL OILS:All its products are made with pure essential oils to offer, in addition to a special aroma, the beneficial properties of essential oils. Synthetic perfumes are never used because of their toxicity.
  • ASH:The plant ash used in its products provides the skin with its mineral active ingredients as well as its exfoliating power.

Developing very exclusive blends, of the highest quality and durability, ASHES TO LIFE chose to create two ash products for a complete treatment: a moisturizing soap and an exfoliating soap.

The selection of raw materials has been carefully carried out taking into account the origin of organic farming, the indigenous origin of each ingredient and its cosmetic value. The two ASHES TO LIFE organic ash soaps are certified by Bio.Inspecta, under the BioVidaSana standard, in its highest category, as “Ecological Cosmetic Product”, with a minimum of 95% of ingredients from organic farming . This certification guarantees the traceability and durability of all the ingredients used, as well as the respect of the product for health and the environment.

Both soaps are vegan and have not been tested on animals. They were handcrafted in an organic cosmetics laboratory to be carefully packaged and labeled by hand.

ASHES TO LIFE’s intention is to go further, by developing new cosmetic, personal, domestic and industrial hygiene products based on R + D + i ash, which allow it to continue to help restore forests damaged by fires thanks to the development of their environmental project ASHES TO LIFE Project to which they devote 10% of their turnover. In this way, in addition to caring for and improving people’s skin, it also takes care of the skin of the Earth, meeting the demands of the consumer, who increasingly demands a greater variety of organic products and is more involved in environmental protection.