For nearly a century, Airstream has been designing motorhomes for adventurers and families who want to enjoy more original trips together. Now the iconic motorhome brand has just presented its latest design. The Atlas Camper 2020 has a roof with solar panels and a carefully designed interior space.

While Airstream has long focused on contemporary, high-tech design, the Atlas 2020 is one of the company’s bravest designs to date. Inspired by a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the exterior stays true to the Camper’s signature glossy silver trim, giving it aerodynamics for a super smooth ride.

For power generation, the camper van roof is lined with 300 watt solar panels, which provide enough clean power to charge your electronics, and which can be boosted so you don’t need to. connect to the electrical network.

The motorhome is one of the company’s most luxurious models. With a capacity of two passengers, the living space of the motorhome is increased thanks to its electrical system. The interior design is made up of sleek and shiny black and gray furniture which gives a distinct sense of modernity.

The main space becomes a comfortable bedroom thanks to a fold-away Murphy bed. When not in use the bedroom is a spacious living room with a hidden TV. Past the living room is a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and a two-burner stove. And for a true luxuriously designed look, the bathroom is a spa-inspired space with a porcelain cabinet, standing shower and toilet.

For more space, the model has an outdoor awning so that we can enjoy an outdoor space to dine or just enjoy the view while parked.

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