In Bricolaje10 we are now going to tell you about what automatic doors are and how they can be an option for people who have a large house. And especially for garages.

I have to say that automatic doors, are all those doors which have a mechanism that allows them to be able to open and close them without having to touch them or use a key.

What are automatic doors:

  • the automatic doors These are the doors that open and close automatically thanks to an electronic mechanism that allows us to activate it from a remote control.
  • On the other hand, they will also be automatic doors, all those doors that open and close upon detection of the presence of a the person. In other words, they have a sensor (usually in the upper area of ​​the door) and that when they sense the presence of a person, they open and close on their own.
  • These types of doors are what can be found, for example, in all types of stores, hotels or stores and supermarkets.

While that latest model of doors I’m talking about might not be very doable, you have it. HouseWe can say that the model of automatic doors that we will use will be the garage doors of the house as well as the doors that must open and close the house.

How are the automatic doors for the garage of the house:

  • the garage doors They have a design which is in fact the most practical as it allows us to save a lot of space although we don’t need the door to open and close. These types of tests are mechanized, and use the remote control to cause the door in question to rise discreetly to the garage roof.
  • On the other hand, it must be said that the maintenance of this type of door is minimal since usually the only thing that is damaged is usually the control and if it runs out of batteries.
  • If the door and its mechanism do not work, it is better that we call the specialist who installed the door to have it fixed.
  • As for the price, it must be said that it will vary a lot. Prices vary depending on the size, functionality, execution, design and type of opening and closing motor. On the other hand, the manufacturers’ offer includes various accessories (such as lights and motors for automation or infrared ray kits to avoid unplanned shutdowns) which determine the total price.
  • The price of the doors can thus vary between 800 and 1500 euros and will vary depending on the material in which the door is made as it will cost more or less to lift the door. Wrought iron and hardwood doors will require more power, making the product more expensive in their automatic versions.

I now leave you a video of the automatic doors:

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