You can get used to the idea that you are going to have to deal with high temperatures, but when you have to experience them in your own flesh and start to sweat, there’s nothing like an easy-to-install alternative to protect yourself from the sun. direct.

leroy merlin awnings

Leroy Merlin offers three options for this year: awnings, pergolas and parasols. They all have in common the function of shading anyone who is looking for it, but each of them has characteristics that must be taken into account when selecting the best option for our home.

Awnings by Leroy Merlin

Awnings are a home classic, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about big or small houses, because the awning ends up being one of the most interesting option to be able to give. more shade and protection of the house. You can install it on the windows, on the terrace or on the balcony.

An important fact, prevent heat from directly affecting the interior The temperature of the house is obtained a little lower, which could avoid having to turn on the air conditioning and thus save energy as a saving. In this video, a Leroy Merlin expert helps us choose an awning:

Pergolas by Leroy Merlin

The pergola is a fixed and immovable structure it needs a large open space to make it look good. The structure of the pergola can be made of different materials, although the most common and successful is the wooden pergola as it gives a more natural look.

In addition to providing shade and protection from the sun, if you buy one pergola with mosquito net or if you install it yourself, you can also be outside but protected from unwanted companies.

Parasols Leroy Merlin

The main difference from the previous ones is that you can move and relocate it as many times as you want, you can even store it inside your house during the winter.

In the parasols, you will see that in Leroy Merlin, you have several options, from sizes to materials as drawings. You can find umbrellas with a fixed structure or that you can move according to the position of the sun, so you will have constant shade.

The use of these solutions can help insulate the house from heat, as well as other options such as windows with insulation technology, automatic blinds with solar and twilight sensors, weatherstripping and thermal insulation. Placing the air conditioner on a shaded wall and closing windows and blinds during the hottest hours are good options for keeping the house cooler and making better use of energy.

Leroy Merlin Gardens and Terraces Catalog 2019

In this section we will present to you the current offers of Awnings, pergolas and parasols that Leroy Merlin offers you for this spring summer 2018. The photos and prices that we will show you will be valid until May 29.

Pergolas offers Leroy Merlin 2019

This year, one of the most striking pergola trends will be the geometric design in the functionality of it. If you look at the photographs, you can see how they not only perform their function of sun protection, but also provide a decorative design to the impressive garden.

The materials What you choose will also be one of the determining factors in making your garden look completely different. Wood is still one of the most used materials, well treated, it perfectly resists temperature changes and offers a more natural vision.

Of course, you also have the option of choosing one wall pergola with which to create a small porch next to the garden. This is a great option for those who have a large garden but want to make the most of the available space.

Leroy Merlin awning offers 2019

Awnings, as we mentioned earlier, are the house classics. During the validity of this brochure, you may find competitive prices to renew the awnings of your house.

Also note that one of the most repeated models is the vertical lines in different colors although, if in doubt, you can always opt for solid colors without totally timeless prints.

Offers Parasols Leroy Merlin 2019

Parasols are a great option when it comes to outdoor sun protection, no matter if it’s next to the swimming pool or anywhere in the garden.

You can also find small parasols which are the perfect option for terraces and balconies, so you don’t have to give up being outside at all times of the day.

In my turn, let me point out that in this brochure which we will show you in detail below, you can find more offers and articles on barbecues, swimming pools and all the necessary equipment to enjoy and take care of it, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting And a long etcetera.

If you want to know this season’s offers, just click on these images to open the brochure and you can see each offer as if you were reading a magazine:

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