Flower arrangements are a great option for giving a gift to a family that has just received a new member. The flowers symbolize the prosperity and happiness of a good event. Nothing better than a birth for commemorate new life with flowers. The preparations that can be made with flowers are many and varied. All, thanks to these colorful friends, will help make the moment happier and happier. With the intention that you can surprise and please anyone you want to entertain with this detail, we present this article to you to make your own flower arrangements. And as among all the events the birth of a baby occupies a special place, we will focus especially on the floral arrangements for a Baby shower.

Baby shower

A baby shower is a kind of homecoming party. In this case, naturally, we welcome the new baby that has been born. It is a meeting where family and friends offer gifts to parents and child. These gifts can be of all kinds. Normally, clothes, utensils that the baby will need (bottles, pacifiers, pendants, etc.), candy, towels, bedding or details are given. flower arrangement. This last option is one of the most beautiful that we can offer, because it symbolizes the joy of a new life.


This is why, today, in addition to talking about baby showers, we would like to offer you an article dedicated to flower arrangements for this type of event. We want to clarify that flower arrangements should not be exclusively flowers. One could well prepare something in the shape of a flower or the same shape as a flower arrangement that does not contain flowers. For example, we can prepare with layers something that is shaped like a flower. This will on the one hand help make a useful gift for parents and on the other hand have an original and beautiful detail with them. So, if you know a couple who will soon have a child, you can’t miss this entry.

Floral arrangements for baby shower

Flower arrangements, as we have said, are one of the best taste options for baby showers. There is a wide range of professionals who can help us choose which is the perfect gift. With all kinds of flowers and colors as well as all kinds of design. True, there is an option for every preference and for every case. It may well be that instead of only one child being born, two or more are born. In this case, we also have floral arrangements that reflect such a prolific case.

But like in Bricolaje10 we always want to recommend an option that you can make yourself, this article will talk about how you can make them with your own hands.


Usually the options go in two directions. If the new baby is a girl, the flowers in our flower arrangement will be pink. If it’s a boy, they’ll be blue. A good option in the case of twins or in case you are always bored of the same colors is yellow. Indeed, yellow is a neutral or unisex color. This will take us out of the complications.

The first option we offer is a flower arrangement with basket. Today we can buy beautifully made baskets in any bazaar or department store. There are people who choose to fill these baskets with a piece of foam which can serve as a support. In this case, we will place the flowers through the foam rubber. A good idea is to make a sort of nest with the flowers so that a stuffed animal can rest in the center. This way we will have a gift for the house and another for the baby. The cards are presented as an excellent addition to these flower arrangements. It is a cheap and very simple option.

Nail mixed flower basket this is perhaps the most classic option. We will try to choose some that give off a good aroma to give more atmosphere to the house and the baby shower. Clothes for the newborn are usually also placed in these flower baskets. The way of presenting them is similar to that of Christmas baskets. In this case, we will replace everything with the flowers we choose and try to distribute the new clothes for the child throughout the space. This is the right time to introduce certain food products into the batch as well.

Original floral arrangements for baby shower

Thanks to the huge assortment that we have today of baskets and accessories and flowers, we can make flower arrangements much more original than the classics we talked about before.

Imagine the shape of a wedding cake. It usually has several floors. The lower one usually has a larger diameter than the upper one. Now imagine that we are making a circle with tightly folded diapers tied with a ribbon in the color we like the most. This could serve as the floors of our particular and original cake. The idea is to put one layer on top of another and make the shape of a cake. Of course, the center can be used to introduce flowers that match the color of our ribbon. Likewise, we can introduce balloons suspended in the air above the set.


Another great idea is buy a classic aquarium, circles. Then we will fill this same jar with candy. Preferably (because they look great) we will choose the candies which are balls of chewing gum. You surely know what they are if you think about typical vending machines. It’s the so-called chewing gum we’ve all seen in the movies. The great thing about these chewing gum balls is that they come in many colors. As well. After having introduced them into our aquarium, they will serve as a colored “pot” for some flowers that we will put between them. The result is certainly spectacular. Likewise, we can finish all our floral decoration with a card, a teddy bear or balloons. It’s also a good idea to check before putting mom’s favorite flowers on. This will make the moment twice as sweet: for the flowers and for the candy.

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