The clothing Dirty every day visit us, this is a must see when you leave the house and have a habit of your parents picking up dirty clothes from your room. There are many solutions for dirty clothes that you can try out, but the one that takes very little, very practical and that you can do yourself is to create a laundry bag hang behind the door.

Manage dirty laundry

Dirty laundry causes the following problems:

  • Build up out of the closet. This means that we are going to be unable to find what we need and that we are going to waste time every day or find ourselves in trouble (that shirt to go to a wedding that has not been washed in months).
  • Smells in the room. If you leave socks in the room for a long time, you will get this special leonera scent. Be very consistent in removing dirty clothes.

Laundry bag white / clear and colored

It is essential to separate light clothes from colored clothes to prevent the latter, if they fade in the washing machine, ruining our clothes during the wash cycle. If a garment on light clothing fades, it is very difficult to recover it. So we have to separate the washers and the best way to do that is separate dirty laundry.

Create your laundry bag step by step

I think I found the perfect answer when I saw this bag or basket that can be hung behind our door. bedroom or in any other area we want.

What do we need?

It’s very simple to make and we only need the fabric we like the most (we recommend a colored fabric that is a little dark and a little tough), a pair of thick rings that can support the weight of our dirty clothes and thread and needle, or sewing machine.

Step by step

We simply fold the fabric in half and cut out whatever shape we want for the bag.

We are 1 cm. hem and put on the rings. As simple as that.

Without interruptions and realizing something super practical that we will soon start using at home.