The Barcelona Free Zone Consortium (CZFB) Yes Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB) They will build a hydrogen supply station that will serve fleets of electric vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods in the Barcelona region.

Thanks to an agreement signed by the State’s special delegate to the CZFB, Father Navarro, and the president of TMB, Rosa alarcon, it was created to allocate a plot of the industrial zone of 5000 square meters, located at number 45-47 of D Street, where a plant for the production, storage and charging of hydrogen will be built that will be used by the TMB bus of this technology and potentially also of other fleets and in general the polygon industries as well as the private vehicles which adopt it as an alternative energy solution.

The project is promoted in collaboration with the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM).

First hydrogen supply station for public vehicles in Spain

There are currently no hydrogen supply stations for public vehicles in Spain. and for this reason, there are no vehicles of this technology.

The Barcelona hydrogen supply plant will be pioneer in Spain. The lease for this plot will have a initial term of 10 years, and will be the subject of successive extensions of 5 years, until a maximum of 40 years of total duration.

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