The wooden garden or the huts on the patio are a very practical resource for those who want to have a small storage room or wooden garden sheds outside the house, a play house for children or even a small work space for DIY …

This type of outdoor stand is also available in materials other than wood. Among them, PVC or resin stands out. Wood is a better choice in many ways:

  • It is an ecological and renewable material.
  • The appearance and its fusion with the environment are much more natural.
  • They can be easily repaired and even parts can be replaced.
  • Wood is a natural insulator, so the internal temperature will be more stable and the sound will also be attenuated.
  • In terms of features and size, they are generally cheaper.

One of the criticisms of wood as a material for the manufacture of garden houses is that it needs maintenance. This is true, periodically it will be necessary to renew the finish if we want it to last for many years. What is often omitted in these cases is that other materials are also affected by the action of external agents. For example, the sun also deteriorates PVC, in a short time it will lose its initial color, then the texture will be affected and then the deterioration will become evident. With wood, unless it has reached the point of excessive deterioration, just sanding it down will make the house look freshly bought.

Types of wooden garden sheds

roofs of garden sheds

From the design point of view, there are basically 4 types that are defined by the ceiling:

  • Gabled. Two skirts joined in the middle.
  • For a single slope. It is a roof on a single inclined plane.
  • Straight or flat. These are the most sought after designs in recent times, as they offer a modern look in relation to what we are used to.
  • Cabin type.

Roof waterproofing

It is a fundamental variable when buying a wooden shed for the garden. A bad choice can allow water to penetrate and deteriorate not only the contents of the house, but also its structure.

There are different ways, and more and more we can find. The most frequent are asphalt fabrics or rolls, asphalt shingles or American tegola, but they are not the only options. The best in this case is to consult the manufacturer of the house which is the best option.

It should be noted that on many occasions, when we are shown the price of a garden shed some elements are not included. One of them can be waterproofing. This can have a significant cost.

Wooden garden sheds in kit

There are basically two ways to buy a wooden garden shed. Hire a carpenter and tailor it for us or purchase one as a kit. The second option is becoming increasingly popular, as it’s cheaper. The fact of manufacturing in series and acquiring larger volumes of raw material allows to reduce manufacturing costs.

The main disadvantage of kit cabins is that the number of designs is limited and that we must find the one that suits our needs. On the other hand, a wooden shed made to measure by a professional will perfectly suit our taste.


The woods that we will find most often when buying a wooden shed will be those of Pine and / or fir, normally treated in an autoclave, although it is also possible that we will be offered natural products without treatment. These are cheap options with decent features.

For ceilings, it is also customary to use chipboard or waterproofing MDF, on which the waterproofing layer from which we are decanted is subsequently applied.

As with waterproofing, it is possible that when buying a garden shed it does not include soil. It is something to be aware of, especially if it is to be installed directly on the ground and not on any other type of pavement.

The price of log cabins

There are many factors that can influence the price of a wooden garden porch: the wood used, the quality of the finish, the accessories, whether it has windows or not, whether it is made to measure or in a kit, waterproofing, etc. These factors can cause large price differences between two stands of the same size.

However, to get an idea, we can use the following examples:

  • 1.20 × 1.60 meter shed, gable roofs, simple door without windows, 12 mm pine wood walls can cost around € 300.
  • 2 × 2 meter garden shed, sloping roof, double door, 19 mm thick pine walls at around € 600.
  • 2.5 × 2.5 meter stand, with gable roof, door and window, walls of approx. 25 mm thick pine wood can be between € 950 and € 1200.