Linden wood is one of those species that stands out especially for one of its applications, where it stands out for its characteristics. In this case, that use is that of wood carvings. It is a noble wood, light in color and very easy to work with.

There are several species within the linden family (Tilia spp), although from the point of view of wood two stand out. American and European linden wood (Tilia x europaea) There are no major differences between the two, although the European linden tree is a little lighter, heavier and harder.

The main farms are located in the north of the American and European continent, where they are often sold and used for all types of crafts. Its virtues have been known in these places for centuries and most of the preserved carvings and sculptures are made with this wood.

basswood to carve

Characteristics of linden wood

Color: Light color that varies from white to cream. The growth rings, although visible, go unnoticed. Therefore, it is very uniform throughout the piece. Over time, it darkens slightly.

Fiber: In a straight line.

Grain: Well. This characteristic is one of those that make linden an ideal option for carving, turning and all types of utensils.

Density: Light wood. Density of approximately 530-560 kg / m³ at 12% humidity.

Toughness: This is a soft wood with 1.9 in the Monnin test.

Durability: Not very durable, susceptible to attack by fungi and insects.

Dimensional stability:

  • Volumetric contraction coefficient: 0.50% moderately nervous.

Mechanical properties:

  • Compressive strength: – kg / cmtwo
  • Resistance to static bending: – kg / cmtwo
  • Modulus of elasticity: 119,400 kg / cmtwo

Workability: Perhaps it is the best option for making carvings by hand.

  • Sawn. No problems.
  • Drying. Quick and easy. Although it may show growth stress, once dry it is stable.
  • Brushed. No problems.
  • Glued. No problems.
  • Nailed and screwed. No problems.
  • Finish. No problems.

Price: As for the price and availability of linden wood, it must be said that it is abundant and cheap in northern Europe. Distributing outlets outside these areas should not be complicated.

Use of linden wood

sculpture with linden
  • All types of wood carvings and carvings. It is especially appreciated by artisans who sculpt by hand.
  • Spinning.
  • Veneers and plates.
  • Musical instruments. It has excellent acoustic properties.
  • Toys, puppets …