In Bricolaje10 we now show you those that are bathroom cabinets and, in addition to having a specific function, have a wide variety of decorative styles.

Bathroom cabinets are generally very similar in all rooms. House even if lately it must be said that the variety of decorative styles that we can find allows us to have different types, as well as sizes, colors etc …

Styles and types of bathroom cabinets:

  • Tall cabinets: The tall cabinets allow us to place everything necessary for the bathroom inside and in this way we can avoid having a furniture or low cabinet usually placed under the pickaxe.
  • This way we can have a sink that is “on its own” and that saves more space. Among the tall wardrobes we have all kinds of models although perhaps the bestselling ones right now are the ones with lacquer and in colors like white. Anyway, we also have models in colors which can be black, silver or red.
  • Base cabinets: These types of cabinets are usually the ones that go under the sink or hand-held sink. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms and in the same way as for large ones we have to say that the best selling models today are the lacquer, which give a more modern touch, we also have them in matching colors.
  • Bathroom column: Among the bathroom cabinets you can also distinguish those which are known as columns and which are narrow cabinets placed attached to the wall and which are simple enough that they can be placed inside and without the existence. doors, everything you need. They are also ideal for small bathrooms.

We can see then that the bathroom cabinets will be distinguished mainly by their size because in reality the shape of these is usually quite similar to the margin that they have different details or styles due to their materials, such than those made of wood, iron or even plastic.

Another style of bathroom cabinet that is often not seen as such would be display cases and which are usually placed with a mirror so that they are “hidden” and also save space in those sinks which are very small.

Factors to consider when choosing a bathroom cabinet:

  • It is obvious that the main factor to take into account before choosing our bathroom furniture will be space and the truth is that the models presented by the companies are generally designed not to occupy too much, even if we do not have no need to have a big one and one. under the sink if we really don’t need it.
  • Another factor will be being able to buy everything we put in the bathroom of the same style, so if we have room to have two cabinets, it is essential that they are of the same type, style, material and same color. .

I now leave you a photo gallery of bathroom cabinets:

Video of bathroom cabinets:

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