In WoodMe we now want to tell you about what tiles are and in particular which ones we will use for the bathroom. The different types or styles that can be found and especially how to place them.

The floor tile For the bathroom, they are perhaps one of the essential elements if we want to have a washbasin that has a specific style and especially that it is seen with good finishes although these do not take up all of the space. space or walls, the truth is that they always give a better look to our bathroom.

How can bathroom tiles be:

  • “Classic” tiles: If you want to print a classic style in your bathroom, you can bet on laying tiles which are in shades like white or blue and which are in fact the ones that are most often used. Another option is to mix and for this we can bet on another “classic” such as the combination of blue and white above, or black and white.
  • “Modern” tiles: To give your bathroom a more modern and perhaps more sophisticated look, you can bet on brighter tones such as red or earth, a tone that is currently on the other hand trend.
  • Patterned tiles: Those tiles that show a pattern or make it, in addition to color, include a design such as leaves, flowers or geometric figures will also give your bathroom a modern “look” and at the same time something minimalist.
  • Tiles that imitate other materials: Another trend for bathroom sink tiles will be that they “mimic” the texture and color of other materials and that is why companies are now launching all kinds of designs that look like metal, copper, wood and even gold. glass.
  • As for glass tiles, we can say that we can also find them in different colors and that they are certainly “ecological” although they are generally made with recycled glass.

Once we have chosen the tiles for our bathroom, it will be time to start laying them and for that we must follow the following steps.

How to lay tiles for the bathroom:

  • In fact, the placement of bathroom tiles is known as tiling and for this we will need cement which will be used to fix the tiles to the wall although the truth is that at the present time, and so that we can all do it at home, many models already come with a mixture which consists of being a cement glue which will allow us to place each tile without too much stain problem or have to wait for them to be corrected.
  • To place the tiles with this glue, you will have to add the water of your choice to the mixture to give the product a greater or lesser density and make it better.
  • You can also use plastic spacers that will allow us to place all the tiles in the same way and at the same distance from each other.

Video on how to tile or place tiles in the bathroom:

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