We present to you an article dedicated to one of the most beautiful products of nature: the beads to decorate. Without a doubt, one of the most perfect samples of elegance. It is also one of the most flattering elements when it comes to looks smart. This material, as you can well guess, does not only serve as a decorative element in costume jewelry. Pearls can perform their fascinating function in virtually any area of ​​our body and in our accessories. Therefore, we want to give you some tips for using beads in all kinds of decoration. Sandals, clothes and nails are some of the things that we can embellish with the proper use of pearls in any of the ways we can find this tasteful piece of jewelry.

How to decorate sandals with beads

One of the most beautiful pearls in our clothing is shoes. However, in a garment as delicate and light as the flip flops, pearls are presented as a perfect bet. They help to provide a great display of elegance along with the simplicity of their appearance. Indeed, our sandals can be much more striking and beautiful if we know how to combine them with these exquisite pieces.

It goes without saying that we don’t need to use real pearls. The natural pearl is obviously a very expensive item and unfortunately not available to most of us. However, we can achieve spectacular results from artificial pearls. The presentation will certainly be striking and splendid. With very little budget, we can turn sandals that appear to be nothing exceptional into a very elegant accessory.

We will need thread, nylon, brooches, tweezers Yes the scissors. In addition to that, we will need beads (about 200 beads of number 6) and spacers that match the rest of the design. It is strongly recommended to have a shoe last to make the work more comfortable. If we don’t have it, we can always fill the space in the footer with paper or any other object that allows us to leave the shape with which they will look at the end of the project.

Once we have the wire cut, we we will fold in half to be able to work both ends. We will bend the thread two more times in half. We will pass all the thread through the eye of a needle to serve as a guide. From there we will place the beads one after the other, inserting a separator if we want to use it to embellish the design. The spacers will also help to unite the different rows of beads together.

If what we want is just to decorate sandals already made with pearls, everything becomes easier. According to our taste, we will place the pearls in the position and the place that we like the most to give our shoes shiny touches.

How to decorate sandals with beads

Beads to decorate clothes

Pearls are very valuable allies when decorating any item of clothing in our wardrobe. We can use them to give a subtle touch to the collar of a jacket or shirt or to place them on the cufflinks of any thin garment. Likewise, as in the sandals, they are also a great addition to give some touches by spreading balls of sequins wherever we want.

It will all depend on the type of fabric, because there are certainly some that combine better with pearls than others. In particular, denim is one of the best pairings with them. As for the colors, it is better to use the beads for decorate dark colors. With a thread (it is recommended that it be the same color as the garment to hide the process) and a needle, we will start to sew our beads to the garment. Previously we can design a pattern with a marker that does not damage the fabric and which we can then remove.

Beads to decorate clothes

Like any sewing process, it is an exercise in patience. However, the results will make you feel very satisfied. Decorating our clothes with pearls is a very affordable way to get the most out of a garment that does not have a lot of charm. It’s amazing how few small details, cheap and easy to use they can give such a flawless and distinguished result. For example, a Coco Channel style (with small dots in the center, evenly distributed) provides dramatic, elegant and simple contrast.

Beads to decorate the nails

Another option that will guarantee us all kinds of satisfaction is that of decorate our nails with pearls. Obviously, in this case we are talking about miniature pearls, which are available at any beauty store. The process is very simple since these pearls intended to beautify our hands are previously prepared. Placing them with precision and getting a great result is extremely easy. They usually come with an integrated solution. Pearls stick when moistened with nail polish, hairspray or paint on our nails. Therefore, we just need to carefully place the beads to get a really beautiful appearance.

Beads to decorate the nails

The best that best combine nail beads are pink, blue, or any intense color. We recommend not to use in this case pastel shades if what is desired is that the contrast between the color of the nail and the shine of the pearl stands out. We also want to talk about an intermediate solution. It consists of using nail polish with mixed glitter. The appearance will be very similar to that used when we use beads, but the result will be smaller.

They are normally used natural materials like mica (of India) to give that particular result. In any case, the option is very varied. Of all the cosmetic tips, this is one that works the best. For the price of the components we are going to use and for their ease of use. Decorating beads, for all the things we want to do with them, are a safe option. In addition, they can help us to further highlight our own identity and give us a distinguished touch compared to any other option.

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