Beeswax wraps as a natural, reusable alternative to plastic wrap and foil

With each passing day, humanity grows and with it the excessive production of waste, causing a serious deterioration of the environment of our planet, of its precious natural resources and of our quality of life.

It is necessary to start adopting ecological behaviors through the application of sustainable alternatives that allow us to take better care of our planet and our health.

Beeskin is one of those alternatives that we can put into practice through the use of their beeswax wrappers free of toxic substances, ecological and completely reusable; which allows us to naturally and safely replace plastic film and aluminum foil.

Each bee film is characterized by can be reused for about a year and because it is made with organic ingredients such as cotton, beeswax, resin and jojoba oil, which are responsible for the coating, adhesion and softening of the packaging, as well that of greater freshness and durability of the food.

XL-35X65cm beeswax wrap

It is one of several Beeskin products, ideal for the largest and most difficult to cover containers in any kitchen. He is currently the second largest of this family.

It is ergonomic, easy to handle and has a beautiful and attractive design which can be increased in size by joining multiple films.

It protects food from both air and moisture, at room temperature it is soft and malleable, while in the refrigerator it can harden like a plastic lid.

How does this help reduce solid waste?

By betting on the use of these reusable packaging for a maximum of one year, the use of plastic films and aluminum foils is reduced, which we generally only use once and therefore the production of two would also decrease; which in addition to achieving economic savings for the consumer, would help to avoid the overexploitation of natural resources and create a cleaner atmosphere.

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