Benefits of drinking water in stainless steel bottles

You go to work, buy a bottle of water, drink it and throw it away. The next day you do the same. And the next one. You might think that nothing is happening, because that bottle that you put in the yellow container will be recycled. You can also tell me that you reuse it to save plastic, but let me explain why no options are recommended.

The first option, as we mentioned, is to throw the bottle in the yellow container so that it can be recycled that way. To be honest, it’s good practice, but not all bottles can be recycled, and the recycling process itself generates a lot of pollution that ends up in the atmosphere.

Benefits of drinking water in stainless steel bottles

The second thing we can think of is reusing a plastic bottle a few times, and at first it might not seem like a bad idea. However, the reality is quite different and in order to be able to explain it, one must first know what microplastics are. Microplastics are particles that are virtually invisible to the human eye that break off from plastic bottles if we use them repeatedly, mixing them with water. As you can guess, it’s not really good for our body, so it’s best not to refill a used bottle too many times.

Here are the first two reasons we give you for using a stainless steel bottle, but wait, because there are many more:

Thermal bottles

Many stainless steel bottles bring a very interesting feature allows you to maintain the temperature of your drinks both hot and cold. This comes in handy when we want to go to the beach or spend the day in the mountains and don’t want to end up drinking hot water. Likewise, we can use them for drinking coffee or herbal tea and we don’t want it to cool down.

But how can bottles maintain temperature? Well, the mechanism is much simpler than it looks. A double layer of stainless steel is created and a vacuum is created between them, in this way the temperature has no way in or out of the bottle as it has no physical medium through which to propagate. .

Thanks to this simple technology, drinks can be kept cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, but this clearly varies depending on the outside conditions, the temperature of the drink or the type of drink.

Advantages of stainless steel bottles

Bottles that do not warp

How many times have you used a plastic bottle and it ends up warping to the smallest degree? I don’t know about you, but it makes me very nervous, don’t judge me, I’m more of a perfectionist.

Stainless steel bottles are not shatterproof and clearly, if you apply a lot of force, they may warp eventually. However, they are much stronger than conventional plastic bottles.

Beware of BPA!

Finally, we want to talk about Bisphenol A or also known as BPA. But what is it? It is a compound widely used in the plastics industry to produce bottles, plates, baby bottles and toys.

Although it has been in use for several decades, it is only so far that we have started to study the possible effects it can have on people. The results of the studies were quite disappointing, as it turns out that BPA is harmful to health if our body is affected by large amounts.

Lightweight bottles

Okay I know what you are thinking, there can be nothing lighter than a plastic bottle. And that’s right, that’s something we can’t get over just yet, but whether they can be compared to other types of reusable bottles like glass bottles.

Even so, it all depends on the size of the bottle, which ranges from 250 ml to 2 liters.