Benefits, properties and uses of Copalchi

This plant is one of the best with natural hypoglycemic properties and one of the most used in the treatment of diabetes.

This is because copalchi is able to improve the process by which our body assimilates carbohydrates. It is also effective in the treatment of colds and flu, and its bark is generally used.

Copalchi comes from America, especially it grows in countries like Colombia and Mexico. Its main impacts on the body are, as we have already mentioned, hypoglycemic.

This plant is widely used by people with diabetes, which is why it is nicknamed “plant insulin”.

Also, in some countries in South and Central America it is used as an antipyretic. The extract of the bark of the copalchi plant has an antimalarial effect on the body.

The copalchi plant has a rather bitter taste, but thanks to all the benefits it brings to the body, it is recommended for all types of people!

From the moment when all the natural benefits that this plant offers us were known, it is considered one of the many medicinal plants and today we can find it all over the world.

Properties of Copalchi.

Discover some of the properties that this fantastic plant has for you:

  • Due to the composition of the plant, copalchi can normalize blood sugar levels found in the blood.
  • It contains bitter heteropside (coutareoside) which provides an active hypoglycemic effect (anti-diabetes), it also contains genin (hydroxycoumarin).
  • The copalchi plant is generally used in the treatment of type II diabetes.
  • It is also an excellent diuretic for the body, a bitter and febrifuge tonic.
  • In addition, the copalchi plant is generally used for the treatment of malaria.

There are other plants that have the same name and can be confusing, such as white copalchi Euphorbia (Corton niveus Jacquin) or white cinchona (Strichnos pseudoguina).

Copalchi advantages.

Thanks to these fantastic components, mentioned above, copalchi is excellent for treating various ailments of the body, especially diabetes and high blood sugar, we show you here! :

  • It has an excellent diuretic effect on the body.
  • It helps improve digestion related issues, so it is highly recommended to consume it after eating.
  • It is excellent for fighting colds and the flu.
  • Copalchi bark is used to treat tuberculosis and malaria.
  • With the root of the plant, you can treat asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • It is excellent for treating pain.

Copalchi uses.

In addition to the excellent benefits of this plant, consuming it is very easy!

You can make herbal teas at home. To do this, all you need to do is place the plant in boiling water and then strain the infusion and that’s it!

If you are not a fan of tea and infusions, you can consume copalchi extract, in capsules.

¿Did you know that the Copalchi factory? Did you know all the fantastic medicinal properties that it provides to our body? Once you add it to your daily life, you will never want to stop using it!

VERY IMPORTANT: Consult your doctor before introducing it into your daily diet.