Platforms and laminate floors have not only improved their performance over the years, but the realism of their projects has also improved. Beveled platforms go in the latter direction. It is essentially an aesthetic issue demanded by many consumers compared to traditional continuous laminate flooring designs.

Therefore, the decision between choosing a beveled or beveled floor is a decorative one and not a technical issue. According to this criterion, we will find platforms with bevels in designs that imitate tiles, long pieces of wood or any others where the bevel is characteristic. And it will not be common to find it in drawings that imitate, for example, a herringbone parquet.

Definition of beveled floor

There are many people who are not familiar with these types of concepts and wonder what a beveled floor is. We will understand as a chamfered floor the one with a small gap, recess, crack or chamfer on the edge of the piece. The goal is to generate a separation effect between the pieces that make up the floor.

At micro-chamfered pallets They are those with a much smaller chamfer and that can be understood as a compromise between continuous and chamfered projects.

Features of beveled pallets

There are different types or criteria for classifying beveled laminate floors or floors. On the one hand, if the telescope is found around the entire piece, or if, on the contrary, we find it only in the length or width. In the latter cases, the idea is to achieve a sensation of longer pieces, being used mainly in wood or designs that imitate them.

We can also talk about micro-chamfered or chamfered pallets. In this case, the difference, as already mentioned, lies in the depth of the frame.

The classification can also be based on the technique used to obtain the chamfer. Depending on the manufacturer and its purpose, we can find different techniques. For example, the pressure chamfer is often used when the manufacturer’s intention is that the design of the shutter remains within the chamfer.

Is it true that dirt accumulates in the bezels?

The answer is a not resounding. The only way to accumulate dirt is to enter the joint. For this to happen, the click system must be defective or a bad installation must have been performed. In this case, dirt would accumulate in the same way, whether the deck is beveled or not.

Disadvantage of beveled laminate floors

Although the recommendation is always to use a mop or vacuum brush for daily maintenance. Usually, it is also advisable to rub periodically, with very little water, for a deeper cleaning.

In the latter case, if we abuse water, which should not happen on non-beveled pallets, this will accumulate in the chamfer when there is a level difference. Therefore, we must pay special attention when using water. If done correctly, there should be no problem.