If a few days ago we were talking about Free electric, the machine that can generate 24 hours of energy with just one hour of pedaling, we are now talking about its in-house version, the twin machines.

Bicycle machines are machines that use the power of pedaling to operate “household appliances” such as mixers, washing machines, threshers, water pumps, corn shells, among others, without electricity. A great alternative for tedious jobs that are normally done by hand.

Each bi-machine is handcrafted with used bicycles, concrete or cement, wood and metal. The models are functional and generally inexpensive.

The process involves changing the mechanisms of electric motors to chains and cables that transmit the mechanical energy of pedaling from a bicycle frame. When converting a washing machine, for example, the motor is removed and pulleys are used to move the main shaft. Parts of bicycle machines come from old used equipment.

Manuals for the construction of Bicycle machines.

  1. Bicimolino / corn husker.
  2. Bicilicuadora.
  3. Water pump.
  4. Seed cyclist.
  5. Vibrator (Microcrete tiles).
  6. Blender Bike For Honey.
  7. Coffee bicide pulper.
  8. Biciesmeril.
  9. Bicilavadora.
  10. Electricity Bi-generator.
  11. Biciazadón / plow.
  12. Ripper nuts.
  13. Chain saw.
  14. Bicitostadora.
  15. Bicipelacoccus.
  16. Folding wall powered by a bicycle.

bikemolino / corn husker.


Very practical for production on family farms. The mill can grind up to 3 pounds per minute. The husker is used after harvest to husk corn, which saves time and money. Manufacturing instructions.

Bicycle machines juice.

It can develop 6400 rpm to transform food, fruits, vegetables … .. Facilitate domestic work without electricity. Manufacturing instructions.

Water pump.

Water pump

They can pump 5-10 gallons of water per minute from wells up to 30m deep (the electric submersible pump only reaches 12m). Manufacturing instructions.

Seed cyclist.

Seed cyclist

Vibrator (Microcrete tiles).

It is used to make microcrete tiles with a mold. Shingles last longer than galvanized sheets. Its production is inexpensive and does good business on a small scale.

Honey mixer bike.

Honey mixer bike

Coffee bike pulper.

Coffee bicide pulper

It is used to remove the husk from coffee beans, resulting in a production of one quintal every 15 minutes.



Used to sharpen any tool.

bike wash machine.


It has great potential in rural areas where clothes are still hand washed. Manufacturing instructions (page 3).

Electricity Bi-generator.

Generate low-cost electricity to power lights and 8-12 V appliances.

Bicycle machines/ plow.

Tool that helps in small-scale agriculture, dragging, plowing and soil cleaning.

Ripper nuts.

Bicider with nuts

Shell the walnut, one quintal every 15 minutes. Manufacturing instructions.

Chain saw.

Tool for small woodworkers to save time, money and raw materials.



Manufacturing instructions (page 27).



You can peel a coconut every 3 minutes with this Bicycle machine.

Folding wall powered by a bicycle.

The folding wall is made up of three independent parts linked to a system of pulleys, wheels and cables, activated by the pedals of a bicycle, allowing the wall to move easily and without problems.

History of the bikemachines.

In 1997, a Guatemalan NGO called Maya Pedal began to develop this project, which today has transformed the community of San Andrés Itzapa. In almost 19 years of existence, this NGO has created more than 1,200


for the inhabitants of this Guatemalan city, which has 32,000 inhabitants.



are built in an NGO workshop, where local employees and volunteers work. In this workshop, the bikes are repaired to sell them or transform them into twin machines. Bikes are donated and come from countries around the world.

Today there are groups or workshops for the construction of


all over the world, in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, among others. Even MIT has collaborated to refine current designs and develop new ones.

There are those who are also dedicated to making them for sale, in case of bicimaquinas.com