Bike camera earrings

From a distance, these bicycle tube earrings even appear to be made of metal, but they’re actually incredibly flexible and lightweight, perfect for when you want a pair of lightweight earrings.

The materials used were: a used bicycle camera, a knife, scissors, paper, a pencil and two hooks for earrings.

Start by preparing the bike camera. Cut it near the valve, then cut straight down the center of the entire chamber.

Since the cameras used are usually a little dirty, we will wash them with warm water and soap and then hang them to dry. The best way to store the cameras, once you’ve got them ready, is to roll up and place a rubber band around them, that way you can cut the pieces to the proper size and save the rest for future use.

Draw your design on a sheet of paper and use it as a template to cut out the shapes.

Be sure to cut lengthwise along the chamber, that is, along the natural ridges of the tube and not perpendicular to them.

The longitudinal cut will allow it to hang.

Once you’ve cut your blade, use the utility knife to cut off the middle sections.

When you have cut out the first sheet, you can follow the same pattern to create the second.

Use the utility knife to make a small insert at the top of the blade, then use a pair of jewelry pliers to insert the hooks.

Project completed.