Bill Gates to invest $ 2 billion in renewable energy research

Bill Gates is trying to do what governments have failed to do so far: take climate change seriously. The Microsoft co-founder has just announced his plans to invest $ 2 billion of his fortune in research and development of renewable energy, to fight against climate change, which is emerging as the great enemy of humanity as we know it.

In a recent interview, Bill Gates spoke about the importance of private sector investors in changing the course of global warming.

When people said cancer was a serious problem, the United States government declared war on cancer, and now we fund all health research at about $ 30 billion a year, of which about $ 5 billion. for cancer researchHe said in the interview. So you wonder why we don’t react in the same way to a very real and current danger such as global warming.

Instead of a gradual shift from oil and coal to natural gas, Gates calls for leap forward and move away from all fossil fuel use in favor of carbon-free renewable resources.

I think there are dozens and dozens of approaches that need to be funded at the R&D level, and then people like me, who can afford to take big risks with start-ups, have to – because climate change: be prepared to invest sufficient money in the benefits that flow from this government-funded activity.“It seems like it’s about time the private sector can do for humanity what government budgets cannot.